Apple Watch Series 7: launch may be delayed, here’s why

The presentation of the Apple Watch Series 7 is expected for September at the same time as that of the iPhone 13. However, production is not going as planned. So much so that it risks being presented and marketed late.

Apple Watch Series 7
Apple Watch Series 7, image conceptuelle de Jon Prosser et Ian Zelbo

Apple’s next Keynote should give pride of place to the iPhone 13 but also to the Apple Watch Series 7. Except that the production of the new iteration of the connected watch is far from meeting the expectations of the Cupertino company. As the Nikkei Asia and Bloomberg reveal, the new design of the Apple Watch poses a lot of concerns for assembly plants.

As they launched small-scale production last week, they encountered critical difficulties. What to prevent them from reaching a suitable rate, thus causing a delay in production. This would therefore be directly linked to the complexity of the design of the watch. And for good reason, the Apple Watch Series 7 will look very different compared to that of its little sisters. As the leaker Jon Prosser indicates, it will notably have flat edges like those of the iPhone 12.

Apple Watch Series 7 gives Apple headaches

In detail, assemblers have difficulty integrating electronic modules, components and the screen. Therefore, production of the future watch has been temporarily interrupted waiting for Apple and its associates to resolve the issues. Apart from its new visual appearance, it is also its technical innovations that would give the production plants a hard time.

As a reminder, it is rumored that a blood glucose sensor will be embedded in the watch. What’s more, the Asian publication states that the functionality of blood pressure measurement requires the integration of an increased number of components. And this in a frame of the same size. These two innovations would thus further complicate the production process.

β€œApple and its suppliers are working tirelessly to try to resolve the issues, but it is currently difficult to say when mass production will be able to start. Β», Underlines a source with Nikkei Asia. It could be that the firm at the apple unveils its connected watch much later than in September. Unless it decides to present it at the same time as the iPhone 13 without immediately marketing it.



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