Apple Watch: her watch saves her from a violent heart attack

Once again, the Apple Watch has helped a person out of a terrible situation. After having had a heart attack earlier in the day without even realizing it, this Michigan woman found herself saved by her watch, which alerted her of an excessively high heart rate.

Apple Watch ECG
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Of all the life-saving features on the Apple Watch, the most used is probably heart rate monitor. Why ? Because it is the easiest to use and above all, to understand. ABC13 today reports the story of Diane Feenstra, a Michigan woman whose Apple Watch helped him survive a heart attack massive of which only a few survive.

This is not the first time that an Apple Watch has saved a person’s life. An Apple Watch had notably detected 210 heartbeats per minute and saved the life of a young student.

A new drama avoided thanks to the Apple Watch

Diane explains what happened on April 22 at ABC13, the day she almost died. ” It was April 22nd, I had a heart rate of 169 beats per minute and yet the most intense exercise I had done was climbing 12 steps… So I called my husband at work and I told him. asked if he thought it was concerning. He told me to call our doctor »She indicates.

At the hospital, an EKG showed that she had recently had a heart attack, but did not know it. Unlike men who often and several times feel a huge weight on their chest, a woman’s symptoms can be very different. ” I had pain in my left hand, a little swelling in my left foot, and indigestion that I thought was acid reflux »She explains, referring to her symptoms.

She also explains that she had pain in her shoulder, which she thought was completely benign. But the truth was that she had a life-threatening medical emergency. After being alerted by her Apple Watch and on the advice of her husband, the woman immediately went to the emergency room.

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Medical staff found a obstruction in the left coronary artery. She later went to the Meijer Heart Center, who diagnosed her with a very rare and particularly deadly type of heart attack, Wellens Syndrome (widow-maker artery in English). After medical intervention, the woman escaped completely unharmed.

« It’s so easy to see your heart rate with the Apple Watch, if I hadn’t done it that morning who knows I might have had another heart attack that would have been fatal »She concluded.



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