Apple wants contractors to follow Taiwan rules!

Our colleagues from Figaro have just announced that Apple has just tightened the bolts to its subcontractors to respect Taiwan.

There are many strategic places in the world. And we are not referring here to a possible war or other conquest. But rather to an economic aspect. In effect, some companies work more in one place than another by simple strategy. Proof of this is with Apple in Taiwan with its subcontractors.

The concerns of the firm

But before telling you about the link between the brand and the country, let’s come back to the other problems encountered by the firm. Because yes, the bitten apple brand has had to face some problems lately and not the least.

For example, Apple would have set a very complicated goal to fulfill. And this even more when we know in which field the Cupertino company works, and does not help to reduce the “pollution” of the planet. However, before 2030, it should do everything to pollute the least.

Indeed, the countdown has started. It is for this reason that the company that produces iPhones has chosen to bet on quality equipment. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible… Apple Park has also opted for solar panels.

Panels capable of generating over seventeen megawatts of power. In fact, the main building of Apple can be supplied with power without much concern, all without pollution. Because until now, the air conditioning was running at full speed.

You should also know that in the main building, the temperature could go up to 50 degrees! But in addition to that, the brand must answer for his actions against the GESTURE. The French organization has just lodged a complaint against the Cupertino company.

According to her, Apple would have withdrawn a 30% commission on paid apps for 14 years.“This lawsuit aims to repair the damage that Apple has caused to iOS developers residing in France”. Can we learn particular.

Apple wants contractors to follow Taiwan rules!
Apple wants contractors to follow Taiwan rules!

Apple must manage its subcontractors in Taiwan

But Hagens Berman does not stop there and adds: “Customers and Participants of Apple Services in the US Domestic Market. By violating US antitrust law. And the California Fair Competition Act”.

If we add to that eight Mac products added to the list of obsolete products… We can see that Apple is going through a tough period. Especially since she must now manage her situation in Taiwan.

Our colleagues from Figaro providing more details on this. The firm would have asked its subcontractors who export production to China, to comply Chinese customs rules. And not for any reason.

This choice makes following the visit of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives in Taiwan. A visit that did not fail to arouse anger in China. In fact, subcontractors will have to respect several rules for Apple.

Notably “mention that they are made in “Taiwan, China” or “Chinese Tappei”... As Le Figaro points out. The media relaying information from the NikkeiAsia site. This decision would allow Beijing to take a booster shot. How Taiwan is part of China.


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