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Apple TV+: a Franco-Japanese series in preparation based on the manga Les Gouttes de Dieu

A Franco-Japanese series in preparation for Apple TV+, that is not common! The service of streaming d’Apple will be enriched this year with a series in eight episodes based on the manga The Drops of God (Kami no Shizuku) de Tadashi Agi et Shu Okimoto. France Televisions and Hulu Japan are in charge of this production (this is even France Television’s first participation in Apple TV+ content) and the casting has already been specified, at least for the main roles. Thus, Fleur Geffrier (Das Boat) would interpret the role of Camille Leger while Tomohisa Yamashita (Alice in Borderland) would play Issei Tomine.

drops of god

It should be noted here that the Franco-Japanese production has all the more meaning here as the series tells the story of Camille, a Parisian, who leaves for Japan following the death of her father, Alexandre Leger, the creator of the Leger Wine Guide. , who previously lived in Tokyo. This is a (very free) adaptation of the original seinen manga, the latter telling the adventures of “Shizuku Kanzaki, son of world renowned winemaker, Yutaka Kanzaki, who recently passed away and owner of a coveted wine collection. In his will, he describes twelve great wines, the twelve apostles, as well as a thirteenth mysterious ideal wine named Les Gouttes de Dieu. In order to take possession of his heritage, Shizuku will have to discover which wines they are, in a competition with Issei Tomine, a young renowned oenologist adopted by his father a week before his death, of whom he is legally the brother. » (source Wiki)


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