Apple salaries are no longer a taboo

After months of discussions, Apple is trying to end the controversy over the lack of transparency on employee compensation. It all started in the midst of a health crisis when employees discovered possible pay gaps between men and women for similar positions. They then asked the company to investigate this matter, but the company would not have done so.

A complaint filed against Apple

According to NBC, Apple would also have managed to silence pay equity investigations conducted by employees, citing rules that prohibit the collection of personally identifiable information and the hosting of surveys on behalf of the company.

The case did not end there, a software engineer from the Apple brand decided to file a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), an agency responsible for investigating illegal practices around the world. work.

A few months later, Apple decided to publish an internal memo to take stock. Our colleagues indicate that it is addressed to more than 80,000 employees. The text specifies:

Our policies do not prevent employees from speaking freely about their wages, hours or working conditions. We encourage any employee with concerns to raise them in the way they feel most comfortable, internally or externally, including through their manager, any manager at Apple.

According to experts consulted by the American media, this is a form of victory for employees who have been demanding more transparency in the Apple brand for several months. The company has not yet wished to comment on the subject, and we will see in the future whether further investigations are permitted on the subject of wage inequalities.

As a reminder, Apple also released a memo regarding telecommuting last week. Concretely, from February 1, employees will be able to work remotely for four weeks a year. The return to work on site will nevertheless be done gradually at the rate of two days a week the first month, then three days the following month. However, some employees will be required to be present five days a week if their function requires it.


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