Home Technology Apple raises the price of the HomePod mini

Apple raises the price of the HomePod mini

Apple is taking advantage of the announcement of the new large-format HomePod… to discreetly increase the price of the HomePod mini, with the connected speaker going from €99 to €109. The increase concerns several European countries. Others, like Belgium, have the price of 109€ since the launch. And then there is the case of the United States where everything is wonderful since the price does not move. We stay at $99.

HomePod Mini Colors Orange Yellow Blue White and Sidereal Gray

Should we be surprised by this price increase for the HomePod mini? Not really knowing that Apple has increased the prices of several products, including the new iPhones, Macs and others. Even the new full-size HomePod announced today is more expensive than the first generation. Indeed, its price is 349€ against 329€ previously. A surprising choice when you know that sales of the first model were more than mixed precisely because of the price. Even Apple pulled this model from sale in 2021.

As a reminder, the HomePod mini is available in several colors: space gray, blue, white, yellow and orange. The price of 109€ is active now at Apple. But it is still possible to find the speaker at 99€ at several retailers. It is available at Fnac (in store), at Darty, Cdiscount or Materiel.net. Now is the time to buy it if you want to avoid the €10 hike.


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