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Apple is accused of being hypocritical about ad tracking

For a group of advertisers, Apple falls under the“hypocrisy” a you “cynicism” regarding his views on ad tracking. The manufacturer offers users to limit this tracking, and yet its practices suggest that it is not quite legit.

Pop-Up iOS 14 Anti-Tracking Tracking Pub

Apple in the sights of advertisers

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, an organization bringing together Internet advertising players and whose goal is to develop standards, is behind the accusations of hypocrisy aimed at Apple. The organization has several members, including Meta (Facebook), Google and Adobe.

David Cohen, head of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, accuses Apple of attacking the advertising industry from within. “While there is no shortage of extremists attacking our sector from the outside, some are attacking it from within. Most notably, Apple exemplifies the cynicism and hypocrisy that underpins mainstream extremist opinion.said the leader.

He says that while Apple requires apps to ask users’ permission before tracking them (including for targeted advertising), the company can track its own users without accountability. The executive is referring to the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature, launched in April 2021, which requires apps to ask users for explicit consent before tracking them. “Personalization within the Apple ecosystem cannot equal tracking outside of it,” said David Cohen. “It’s not really a fair fight”.

For its part, Apple has already defended itself on the subject by claiming that its applications do not display a pop-up asking them to follow them or not because the group’s applications do not seek to track users.

In the meantime, some are not of this opinion. In November, Apple was targeted by a class action lawsuit. The brand is accused of tracking users.


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