Bezels have become too much of enemies these days in tech industry. Everyone wants to  get rid of them, and like many other things once again Apple has taken the lead in saying goodbye to them. When company revealed its refreshed iPad Pro with a bezel-less design at WWDC, the crowd in San Jose Convention Center welcomed it joyfully. But there’s also a lot more to it. You want to know what? Okay, then let’s get started:

It’s Bigger, But in Only One Way

With a 10.5-inch display iPad Pro is certainly bigger than its predecessor, but in only one way – it’s only the display part which has got bigger. Otherwise the slate has dimensions almost identical to its predecessor, thanks to its bezel-less design. By eliminating the bezels and stretching the display to almost entire front of slate Apple was able to fit a larger display without increasing the physical size of tablet. Its weight has also remained exactly same – one pound. So there’re won’t be any portability issues.

The display size is now big enough to accommodate a full-sized screen keyboard without any issues, so your typing experience will certainly become better. And same can be said about overall experience too.

It’s Brighter and Crispier – Because A Bigger Display Demands It

When display size increases, it also becomes imperative to increase the resolution. Therefore, Apple has increased the display resolution to  2224×1668 pixels. The display has also become brighter, and it refreshes faster as well at a rate pf 120 hertz. All these things, according to Apple, will bring a big difference in how you use your iPad. Scrolling will be faster, Pencil will be more responsive and everything will look much crispier and lively.

It’s Faster. A Lot Faster.

iPad Pro is also the fastest iPad ever, thanks to the six-core A10X Fusion chip that has been loaded into it. According to Apple, this chip is 500 times faster than that of original iPad. But that’s not the only thing which will make it faster. Another reason behind the speedy performance of this iPad Pro will be iOS 11, which has got a number of significant improvements to utilize performance resources more efficiently. So with this combination of hardware and software, iPad Pro can turn out to be faster than some high-end laptops even.

It’s Pretty Close to A Mac (aka A PC Replacement)

With all this processing power, a larger display and iOS 11 we can say that Apple has presented an iPad that’s pretty close to a full-fledged Mac. iOS 11 makes the whole experience of this slate a lot similar to that of Mac. For instance, now you can drag and drop things between two apps. You can also pin as many icons as you want in the dock, and a new Files app will bring all your local and cloud-stored files in one place. In short, Apple is pretty close to providing the best of Mac and iOS in one device – aka a PC replacement. Microsoft, keep an eye on this one!


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