Apple finally unveils iOS 15: here are all the news

It’s official: Apple has just unveiled iOS 15, the next major update to the iPhone operating system. FaceTime, Wallet, Camera, Photos… Many new features will arrive on Apple smartphones. Here’s a rundown of everything to come with this update.

iOS 15 Apple

This Monday, June 7, 2021 at 7 p.m., Tim Cook, Craig Federighi and other Apple executives held the firm’s annual developer conference, the WWDC21. This conference was only focused on new software. Whether it’s iOS 15, macOS 12 or the M1X chip, many new features were expected during this keynote. In addition to macOS 12, the Californian firm has unveiled iOS 15, the future major iPhone update. Here’s everything we learned about it.

iOS 15 unveils itself, with many new features

iOS 15 new features
iOS 15

Many new products will arrive with iOS 15. Especially in terms of communication since the apps Message and FaceTime will find themselves very enriched. Other elements are also expected, such as the fact that the memories of Photos will be improved to be even more realistic and varied, the app Wallet will open the doors of hotels and the house in addition to registering identity papers. A new function SharePlay will also allow many experiences to be shared with friends. Let’s move on the new features of iOS 15 in review.

Better rendering for FaceTime

iOS 15 will notably include many improvements on FaceTime. Firstly, audio spatial sound, which will improve the sound reproduction of discussions. A portrait mode will also come and automatically blur what is not a face (the background) like the Portrait mode on the iPhone. Also new, a grid view will be available to see everyone at the same time, at the same size. Links can also be generated for FaceTime and be shared, including on WhatsApp, Android and Windows.

In addition, Apple unveiled SharePlay, which allows you to share music, a movie with one or more people. It works with Apple Music, so all your callers are listening to the same music at the same time. And all participants can add songs and move on to the next one. SharePlay will also work with streaming services such as Disney +, Hulu, HBOMax, Twitch, TikTok, ESPN +. Finally, screen sharing allows you to share the iPhone screen during the video conference.

Message is improving

iOS 15 iMessage
Image Apple

It will now be possible to send several images at once. They will be stacked in the conversation, in order to take up less space.


iOS 15 Focus notifications

As was expected, notifications on iPhone will benefit from a nice brush stroke. Apple wants to help its users stay alert with notifications. They have been extensively revised with iOS 15, with a new design and a notification summary system. Do not disturb mode has also been improved. When the mode is activated, the status is displayed directly in the Messages application.

Apple also unveiled Focus, a mode that, as the name suggests, allows you to focus on family or work. The artificial intelligence of iOS 15 reduces notifications automatically, depending on the environment (work, home, etc.).

Camera and Photos are equipped with Live Text

iOS 15 text on images

As soon as a photo is taken with an iPhone and the AI ​​spots some text, an icon will appear to focus the image on the text, copy it, paste it, etc. It will also be possible to have access to information. For example, a photo of Akita will display information about this dog breed that originated in Japan, etc.

Spotlight will allow you to search in the photos

The iOS search engine is also equipped with a module that will allow you to search for photos, by place, date, contacts, etc.

Wallet will support more items

The Wallet app will now support many new connected objects, connected keys, identity papers, etc. with iOS 15.

Plans gets embellished

iOS 15 Plans

The Maps app includes in iOS 15 a new global view, compatible with several cities. Many details will be added, with a colorful 3D view, precise altitudes, some photorealistic elements. A new night mode will make the lighting and rendering more pleasant to watch. Public transport routes will also be improved. Notifications will make it possible to know, for example, when to get out of the train or the bus so as not to miss the stop.


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