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Apple eases anti-COVID measures for its employees

Many Apple employees are still reluctant to return to work at Apple Park and prefer one or two days of teleworking per week, less because of the risks linked to Covid than because of the rather drastic measures that Apple has put in place. at the entrance to its shops and offices. Until now, employees working in offices had to provide an anti-covid test before entering the buildings, a test which will therefore no longer be compulsory. Apple is also putting in place a “special COVID-19” sick leave for a period of 5 days, provided of course that you provide a positive test for Covid.

Apple Store Brompton Road Londres Employes

This leave of 5 days maximum will be offered until August 2023 (and will undoubtedly be renewed if the pandemic is still not stopped). It should also be noted that since March 2022, corporate employees or those working in Apple Stores are no longer required to wear a protective mask in countries where the level of the pandemic is considered low. Do these reductions foreshadow a live WWDC with a real audience? We sincerely hope so!


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