Apple claims Android has 47 times more malware than iOS

In its latest report, Apple insists that the monopoly of the App Store allows it to offer increased security to its users. And the manufacturer takes the opportunity to compare itself to Android, ensuring that the competing OS is much more plagued by malware than iOS.

Malware sur Android

IOS users know that only apps available in the App Store can be downloaded. For the Cupertino company, it is a very effective bulwark against susceptible malware. But the voices rise more and more against the bitten apple. Which is accused of exercising unfair competition with its application store.

Following the lawsuit opposing it to Epic Games, Apple will no longer be able to force publishers to use its payment system (involving the famous commissions so much criticized ranging from 15 to 30%). What is more, it is increasingly a question of imposing sideloading on the firm. Or the possibility of being able to install applications outside the App Store. The Digital Market Act takes it very seriously, just like an American bill.

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Sideloading: Apple persists and signs

In response, Apple has just released a long report. Which highlights how the sideloading of applications would be a safe sinkhole for its users. To support its point, the Cupertino company emphasizes that there is between 15 and 47 times more malware on Android (which supports sideloading) only on its operating system. Thus, the opening of iOS to sideloading “Cripple the privacy and security protections that have made iPhone so secure, and expose users to serious security risks,” can we read in particular.

If the ecosystem opens up, users wishing to limit themselves to apps from the App Store could also be at risk, according to Apple. If sideloading were allowed, some companies might decide to distribute their apps only outside of the App Store. Users who need it would then be forced out of the secure ecosystem of the bitten apple.

The report also mentions recent Trojans raging on Android like BlackRock. Which takes the form of the Clubhouse application to steal the login credentials of hundreds of online services. We can also mention the FlyTrad malware which hacked thousands of Facebook accounts. Note, however, that dozens of fraudulent applications are still present on the App Store, making millions of euros on your back.



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