Apple Analyst Feels that Company May Launch AR Based Smartglasses in Future

  • Apple analyst Toni Sacconaghi thinks that Apple may launch AR smartglasses in future;
  • The company needs the next big thing as most of its revenue comes from iPhone;
  • Failed attempts by other companies may also help Apple in developing its smartglasses.

There’s a tendency to keep looking for the next big thing in the world of tech. Not only companies but also users and media folks associated with this industry stay on the lookout for technologies that can bring the next wave of disruption. Over the course of last 10 years smartphones have been that big thing.

Apple AR Glasses
Apple AR Glasses

However, when all is said and done about the smartphones, there’re two technologies about which everyone has been quite optimistic: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

While we’ve already seen some  great VR glasses from some companies like Oculus and Samsung, the world of AR is still pretty much empty. No company has been able to deliver a breakthrough AR product till date.

However, Apple analyst Toni Sacconaghi believes that this may change soon with Apple once again taking the lead. And when that happens, it’ll take Apple’s already great fortunes to all new highs!

Sacconaghi’s estimate is based heavily on a statement from Apple CEO Tim Cook. On 3rd of October last year Tim had said “I am so excited about [AR], I just want to yell out and scream.” Such words coming from a CEO clearly highlight how optimistic company is about a particular technology (and the products that it might be developing around it).

Therefore, there’s a good chance that Apple may be secretly working on some great AR based products, Sacconaghi feels. One of those products, as we already know, is iPhone 8. But Sacconaghi feels that Apple may also develop AR based smart glasses for a few reasons:

  • The first major reason is that company’s 70% revenue as of now comes from iPhone only. That level of dependency on a single product line isn’t good. For that reason Apple needs something big, and AR based smartglasses may be that big thing for the company.
  • Second major reason is a number of failed attempts at developing AR based smartglasses. Google, Microsoft, Lenovo – all have tried to develop AR smartglasses in past, and all have failed at doing so. Their mistakes give Apple the lessons it needs, and since company has a long history of capitalizing on last mover’s advantage, there’s no reason why they may not do it once again.

However, Sacconaghi also feels that initial one-two years of AR won’t be as big as they’re anticipated to be. For example, he’s not enthused about Apple’s AR implementation in iPhone 8, and feels that the only major breakthrough will come when company launches smartglasses with AR technology.

It’ll be interesting to see whether that ever happens or not!


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