Apex Legends Xbox Gamers Have Experienced Latency And Server Difficulties Since Season 16

Apex Legends Xbox Gamers Have Experienced Latency And Server Difficulties Since Season 16:

This week saw the release of Apex Legends Season 16 Revelry, which has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm from gamer. This season introduces a new game mode and adjusts the majority of Legends in order to fully revamp the nameplate. On the other hand, not everyone is having a good time with it because of mysterious server difficulties and slowness that are affecting every Xbox system.

As a result of the most recent patch, the number of concurrent users engaging in game-play in Apex Legends has increased to its top level ever recorded. Season 16 Revelry appeals to players of varying skill levels since it alters the amount of Legends available and introduces a new game mode called Team Death-match. These two changes were made to offer gamer of first-person shooters something a little bit different to do. On Xbox, the launch of this season has in no way been a bed of roses by any stretch of the imagination.

While playing the game on an Xbox console, a number of users have reported experiencing slowness as well as problems with the server. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on an Xbox One or an Xbox Series X/S, the game simply isn’t living up to the hype. Several of the problems have been brought to our attention, and they started when it took around six or seven hours for the Season 16 Revelry upgrade to completely download.

The problem that players are experiencing includes the fact that the game is often quite ripe, which causes the re-entry to register some few seconds afterwards you make it. This is one of the issues that players are mentioning. You can probably guess how terrible of a game this would create.

Even though no one else was using the wi-fi, which was turned on at the beginning of each team-god match, and was never out of our sight, our version of the game showed a red wire-face indicator, indicating that our connection to the servers was weak. This was the case even though the indicator never left our sight.

According to some accounts, when you stop running, Legends continue to move forward a short distance, placing them in harm’s way and causing them to get stranded in loading screens while the rest of the players enjoy themselves.

Both the game’s developer, Re-spawn Entertainment, and its publisher, EA, have remained silent on this issue. The only information that we have about the functionality of the game is concerning improvements to Team Death-match as well as an anticipated hot-fix that will take place later on today.

When you visit the official website for the status of the Apex Legends servers, you will see that they are all generally working. The fact that the vast majority of Xbox users, if not all of them, are having issues with the game just makes the mystery surrounding the situation deeper and more perplexing.


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