Apex Legends: the best Legends for Arena mode

After weeks of waiting, Arènes has finally debuted on Apex Legends! This new mode is such a game-changer that many players are still hesitant about the strategy to adopt, but don’t panic, here is a small selection that should put you on the path.

Following the rollout of Apex Legends Season 9, players were able to get their hands on a plethora of new content. As always, they got a new legend, a new weapon as well as multiple changes to the map, but some of these novelties were more surprising.

The new Arena mode has finally made its debut on Apex, offering players a whole new experience that disrupts the codes established so far in the battle royale.

The best Legends to use in Arenas on Apex Legends

Although this mode is very different from the previous modes introduced in the battle royale, as always certain legends are illustrated there more than others, thus making it easier to clear a path to victory.

Apex Legends Arènes
Respawn Entertainment

The developers have seen it big with the addition of 5 maps for the new Arena mode.

At the heart of this new battlefield, each round players can spend credits to buy weapons, consumables and even abilities.

However, each Legend can use their passive ability at no additional cost, thereby making some Legends much more viable than others.

The must-have choice in Arènes, Lifeline

Lifeline is a great option for Arena mode. Truth be told, she is probably the most essential legend to have the best squad.

Lifeline’s abilities are a must in this war of attrition, as they keep squad members alive, for as long as possible.

Apex Legends: Lifeline adjustments for season 9 take shape
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Lifeline’s medic drone and DOC are especially useful in Arenas

The icing on the cake, given that the legends have their liabilities without having to deal with additional costs, Lifeline can rely from the start on its drone-medic. Of course, this ability was nerfed in the last patch, removing the shield, but it’s still very strong.

While Lifeline’s Ultimate isn’t particularly useful in Arenas, her medic drone and DOC make her a must-have legend.

The best choice for mobility, Valkyrie

Valkyrie is another great choice for Arenas, mainly because its best asset is free. Valkyrie is a solid offensive option for the team, allowing the opposing team to attack from different angles thanks to his Jetpack.

Indeed, Valkyrie’s passive ability allows him to gain height and reposition himself at any time to catch his opponents by surprise. His tactical ability, Missile Salvo also allows Valkyrie to push his opponents to a disadvantage.

In addition, Valkyrie’s ultimate, Sky Leap, allows her to train her team with her, leaving the opposing squad with no respite for just 150 credits!

Gibraltar, the best option to defend your position in the Bullring

Finally, we have Gibraltar, an extremely useful legend in Arenas, mainly for its 1v1 skills. Thanks to his abilities, Gibraltar is the ideal legend to defend a position at all costs and punish those who dare to get too close.

Apex Legends season 9: the best legends for Arena mode
Respawn Entertainment

This nerf is very bad news for Gibraltar players.

Gibraltar is a good option thanks to its Protective Dome, but its passive, Armament Shield, greatly increases its chances of achieving victory in single combat. In Arenas, you always end up in a 1v1 situation where Gibraltar’s liabilities allow you to do well.

Gibraltar’s armor plating gives it the possibility of continuing to inflict damage on its opponents while they will have more difficulty reaching it, which allows it to weaken the opposing team before return to the shelter in its Dome.

In addition, with Fortified which reduces incoming damage by 15%, Gibraltar can easily tank damage during that 1v1 allowing it to counter many legends.

With these 3 headliners, you should be able to achieve victory in Arenas more easily, but as always, it’s up to you to choose the legend that best suits your playstyle!


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