Apex Legends Reveals New Legend Map and Its First Vehicle

Developer Respawn Entertainment, as you may have heard of by now did release a new cinematic for one of the most popular and free-to-play shooter games, Apex Legends. Yes, we are talking about the latest look at the new Legend map and its first vehicle. 

The new cinematic that was recently released is featuring the upcoming Season 7 Legend: Horizon of the Apex Legends game. You must know it if you have watched the new cinematic that it is quite lovely.

The developer Respawn Entertainment also did reveal a lot of things about the upcoming season Horizon of the game. All the fans and gamers will be happy to know about the new map of the upcoming season along with having a look at the very first drivable vehicle. 

Respawn Entertainment reveals some things about the new map Olympus of Apex Legends Season 7 saying, “Ascend to a beautiful, lush city in the clouds.” It continues, “Just watch your step — it’s a long way down to the planet below.”  

As you know, there are not more details in depth for the game but we know from previous seasons that the upcoming season of Apex Legends will bring tons of excitement, thrill, magnificent, and amazing moments that will make you more and more curious to play the game more.

It is sure that more details can be found on the official page as we are getting more and more close to the release date of the next season of Apex Legends. 

The game is introducing the Trident if we talk about the first vehicle that players get to drive in Apex Legends.

As the image looks more obscure but we can guess that the vehicle is some kind of hovering craft on which it will be possible for the entire squad to hope on. Overall, the new season will be bringing loads of fun for each and every player. 


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