Apex Legends players rediscover a ‘hidden’ tunnel

Much of the Apex Legends community was shocked to learn of the existence of a secret tunnel in Kings Canyon. But the one if in fact exists since the game’s release.

With great battle royale maps like those in Apex Legends, players are always discovering new places. Routes to reach heights and original uses of the grapple with Pathfinder for example.

Even after more than two years of Kings Canyon, some players are discovering totally new places on the map, like the tunnel near the swamps.

As some day one players know, that tunnel has always been there. It actually dates from season 0 of Apex Legends. But its limited use as well as its camouflage has made it a true legend for many players.

Apex Legends Bloohound

This tunnel is far from new.

The mystery of the hidden Kings Canyon tunnel in Apex Legends

If you haven’t looked for it before, it’s not unreasonable that you never noticed this hidden tunnel. After all, it’s no use in terms of rotation, but it does contain a few loot chests.

This is the Apex player u / Sametg73 posted “I’m probably the last one to know, but how long has this tunnel been in Kings Canyon?”. To his surprise, many other players also had no idea.

Some players said: “I don’t think I’ve been through this thing once. Not even once.” Another explained: “I’ve been playing since S1, I’ve done the swamp a million times and I’ve never seen that in my life. Where is it? ”

In general, the Swamps are a fairly neglected area of ​​Kings Canyon, perhaps due to its location on the outskirts of the map. It is also quite rare that the last circle ends there.

This tunnel may not be of much use, but since many players seemingly unfamiliar with it, you may be able to bamboozle your enemies and take them from the back thanks to this ancient passage.


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