Anxiety: Top 3 tips to reduce daily stress!

On a daily basis, it is not always easy to manage your anxiety! But Benjamin Lubszynski gave some advice for “Europe 1”.

Anxiety can become a real poison on a daily basis. For “Europe 1”, Benjamin Lubszynski therefore delivered some tips for moving forward … With complete peace of mind! You will see, it will change your life. MCE TV shows you everything from A to Z.

Tame Your Anxiety

In recent months, our well-being has been undermined. Because of the health crisis, it was difficult to live with a light mind.

Between sanitary measures, confinements or surinformation linked to the pandemic, it was normal to saturate at all levels. In addition, managing your anxiety is not easy. Quite the contrary!

We can very quickly let go engulfed by doubt and dark thoughts. In turmoil, it is therefore common to be on edge.

Don’t panic, there are tips to balance our internal tensions. On this subject, the name of Benjamin Lubszynski may ring a bell.

He also offers his services as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. His advice focused on well-being is also all the rage around the world.

Being very active on the Web, he also managesa hand of master his Youtube channel ICoaching. The class !

His videos should therefore make you happy if you are looking to relax. This Thursday, November 18, 2021, Benjamin Lubszynski made a remarkable appearance on “Europe 1”.

He also participated in the program “Bienfait pour vous”. The opportunity for him to present his book “To be zen, that can be learned”. We love !

During a sequence, Benjamin Lubszynski also delivered some tips to fight stress! So take note …

Improve your daily life with these invaluable tips

Every day: Walk for half an hour

No secret, physical activity can help reduce your anxiety. So, do yourself a favor. “A half hour walk has the effect of a mild antidepressant on the level of humor and on anxiety. It maintains a good level of zenitude ”, conceded Benjamin Lubszynski for “Europe 1”.

Other techniques can help you do this as well. Like meditation, or even relaxation therapy.

Focus on your breathing

Breathing-related exercises can therefore help you fight your anxiety. « We get stressed because we breathe too fast. It creates a feeling of oppression ”, has also analyzed the hypnotherapist.

Thus, slow phases of inhaling and breathing may help you get better. To be less tense, do these exercises for 1 minute. You will see, it changes your life.

“All breathing techniques have one goal … To slow you down to that there is less oxygen in your blood. And more CO2 ″, added Benjamin Lubszynski.

Another little tip… You can breathe in through your nose and exhale air through the mouth through a straw. A technique brought to light by the method of “Cardiac coherence”.

Study your negative thoughts

Anxiety sometimes pushes us to have dark thoughts. He it’s hard to get them out of our minds.

No panic… Benjamin Lubszynski has the solution. Phew!

“You take all your negative ideas. You force yourself to think about it ”, he explained. “By thinking about something, you regain control of it. And finally, we create weariness. And we stop thinking about it because we are fed up ”. So, it’s up to you!


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