Anthony Colette (Tomorrow belongs to us) will soon be leaving the series?

Fans of “Tomorrow belongs to us” may well say goodbye to Hadrien, played by Anthony Colette the dancer of “DALS”.

In the teasing of “Tomorrow belongs to us” unveiled by TF1, Hadrien (Anthony Colette) announces one of his projects in Sofia. This would require thathe leaves her for a long time. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Hadrian makes big announcement in Sofia

In this famous teasing, we see Sofia sitting at the bar, looking annoyed. Of course, Hadrian asks him what is happening to him. “Manon is announcing to my parents that she wants drop out of college to go around the world. », she explains to him.

To which the young man answers: “Didn’t you stay to watch the bloodshed?” At last, I mean, to support her. ». He could very well have stopped there. But no !

The latter jumps at the opportunity to tell him about a project. “What, you want to go around the world too?” “, asks Sofia, visibly stressed.

The one who embodies Hadrian in “Tomorrow belongs to us” therefore wanted to reassure her. There is no question of going around the world. However, a friend offered him a job. In other words run a luxury campsite with about fifty bungalows.

Only concern: the job is in Goa, India, and it lasts between three to six months. What’s more, if Hadrian goes, he’ll be leaving within 15 days. This means that he has to make a decision and quickly. MCE TV tells you more about the future of Anthony Colette in “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

Anthony Colette (Tomorrow belongs to us) will soon be leaving the series?
Anthony Colette (Tomorrow belongs to us) will soon be leaving the series?

What will become of Anthony Colette (Tomorrow belongs to us)?

As you might expect, Sofia immediately stepped in. She then asked him what he had answered. ” Precisely, I wanted to discuss it with you before. Because it is still a phew opportunity for me. “, he retorted.

He then offered to follow him. But Sofia brings him back to Earth, explaining to him that she cannot continue her BTS with her feet in the water. For Hadrien, in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, there is always solutions like teleworking.

“You know what, let it go. I can see that you only want to go, so go ahead. “, finally let go of Sofia, before turning on his heels. So you will understand, Hadrien plans to leave. However, it seems complicated when we see the reaction of the young woman.

However, let’s not forget that Anthony Colette is an actor in the series “Tomorrow belongs to us” on TF1, but also a professional dancer. He will also participate in the next season of Dance with the stars, as many years ago. He will therefore necessarily have to be absent for a certain period of time. It remains to be seen how the writers will go about making it disappear momentarily.

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