Anthem: The future of the game will decide this week


Anthem: The future of the game will decide this week.

Will the Bioware studio go through with its Anthem redesign project or abandon the game altogether? According to Bloomberg, who was able to speak with three sources familiar with the matter, the executives of Electronic Arts will decide this week.

Journalist Jason Schreier, who has previously revealed information about Anthem’s chaotic development, reports that Electronic Arts will hold a meeting this week and review the latest version of Anthem Next, the name given to the game’s redesign, to decide his fate.

Formalized in February 2020, the project aims to “reinvent the gameplay loop,” including a new loot system.

A team of around 30 is working on it. Still, according to people interviewed by Bloomberg, it should at least triple that workforce – and therefore allocate more budget – “to produce new content and continue to try to revamp the game.”

Remember that Bioware is also working on Dragon Age 4 and the next Mass Effect. Last December, Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah, respectively studio general manager and executive producer of Dragon Age, announced their departure.

Producer Christian Dailey, who was in charge of Anthem’s redesign, then left the team to oversee the development of the next Dragon Age. Stay tuned for the next update.


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