Angèle atomized by Internet users after her performance in Daily!

After her appearance in Daily to talk about her new album, Angèle drew criticism from Internet users

Invited on the Daily set this Tuesday, November 29 by Yann Barthès, Angèle has drawn the wrath of Internet users. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Angèle: the Belgian artist is back

sacred Francophone female artist of the year at the NMAs 2022 a few days ago, Angèle was this Tuesday, November 29 the guest of Yann Barthès in his program “Quotidien”.

As a reminder, Angèle is a young artist of 26 years old. Author, composer and performer, she became known with titles like Brussels I love you or Balance your what.

After selling nearly 300,000 copies of his latest album entitled ninety five, it returns with a new reissue: Nonente five, The sequel. This album counts five unreleased songs.

Among these there is Love, Hate & Danger, Time will do, Promise me et Patrick. But there is also Obviously let her sing a duet with Orelsan! Moreover, this title was eagerly awaited by fans.

This long wait is explained by the fact that the two artists have a busy schedule. So they had a hard time meeting each other and record their song. They still managed to get there. Phew!

To come back to her new titles, Angèle refers to certain current topics. Indeed, his songs evoke for example his haters or smartphone addiction. Moreover, with regard to her haters, the singer confided: “Fortunately, I have much better things to do than read what the haters write on Twitter”.

In any case, even if she does not dwell on the criticism of Internet users, Angèle was still atomized by the canvas after his last performance in Daily on TMC. MCE TV tells you more!

Internet users disappointed by his latest interpretation

Although it has its ups and downs, Angèle’s career continues to take off. Indeed, she will soon perform in America for her next tour. High class ! But that does not prevent it from being the target of criticism from Internet users.

Indeed, this Tuesday, November 29, she was the guest of Yann Barthès in “Daily”. Before joining the guest bench, she decided to sing one of her new titles : Patrick.

Most many killer tweets did not take long to appear on the screen. Obviously, Angèle’s performance did not please Internet users at all. Shock !

Moreover, on one of them was displayed “The screens of tweets, it’s to smoke me”. And other unflattering comments were added to atomize the young singer. But they rather criticized Angèle’s performance, for example “Very crappy sound quality”.

There were others like “Inaudible Words” or ” You can’t hear anything when she sings”, “I can turn up the volume, but I can’t hear her voice??!! sound problem? shame “.

In short, it does not work! But as the singer said when talking about her haters, she prefers “take a step back and heighten what is said on the internet”.

In any case, it’s not a sound problem that prevents it from performing. Indeed, in addition to move up the rankings, one of his songs went platinum single. Just that !


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