Android Messages for the web: how to send SMS from PC

The Messages app on Android gives you the possibility send SMS MMS but also RCS chats from a PC or Mac. To use this feature, just follow the steps in this tutorial.

Android Message on the web

You spend most of your days on your PC or Mac and would like to be able to view and reply to SMS directly on the computer? This is entirely possible thanks to the Android Messages application which allows you to access your messaging on a browser. This will greatly facilitate your life when you have your nose in your PC since you will no longer have to switch to your smartphone to access your SMS, MMS or RCS messages received.

In the old days, users could only run through a third-party application. But sending SMS to another device is now a natively available option. And enabling this feature is a snap, as you’ll see in this little tutorial. As a reminder, you can also read and send your WhatsApp messages from a PC or Mac.

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How to send SMS from your PC using Android Messages

Messages is Google’s Android application for sending SMS and MMS, but also RCS messages (which allow you to benefit from the chat features). You can open it in a browser if your smartphone is on and has WiFi or mobile data. This is not surprising in itself since it is the GSM network of your operator via the SIM card which is used to receive and send SMS.

  • Download the Messages app from the Play Store if you don’t already have it.

  • Make it the default application for SMS / MMS by going to Settings> Applications> Default applications.
  • Open the app then tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Then press the option Pairing the device.

Android Messages

  • On the computer, go to from a web browser.
  • Go back to your smartphone and open the QR code reader to scan the code

QR code Android Messages

  • Align the QR code on the PC screen with the camera lens of your smartphone. The link should be done in a fraction of a second.
  • Don’t forget to activate the option Remember this computer so as not to have to restart the process at all connections.

Browser messages


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