Android 12 will allow you to control your smartphone by facial expressions

Google wants to make its operating system as accessible as possible. With this in mind, a feature available in the beta of Android 12 allows you to control your smartphone with facial expressions.

Android 12 how to install beta
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The final version of Android 12 should be deployed next September. In the meantime, the new contours of the future Google operating system are gradually being revealed in the beta versions. In addition to a completely redesigned interface, the new OS will offer a bunch of new features. One of them will notably allow you to control your smartphone via the expressions on your face, as XDA Developers relates.

The “Camera Switch” functionality is thus available in version 12 of the Accessibility Suite application, published on the sidelines of the release of the fourth beta of Android 12. Concretely, it allows you to perform various commands thanks to the front camera. For example, it will be possible to open your mouth to display notifications before raising your eyebrows to return to the home screen. Several expressions will be used to launch actions. We can notably mention the smile or the way you look at the screen (to the left, to the right, upwards…).

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Android 12: a suitable alternative to touch controls

Users will be able to customize different actions (forward / backward scrolling, selection, return, etc.) as they wish. And it will even be possible to adjust the sensitivity of the expression recognition software by specifying the duration and extent of the gesture. What to prevent the accidental triggering of certain actions and thus avoid making life hellish for users.

Either way, “Camera Switch” should come in handy for people with disabilities who cannot use touch controls. But it could also appeal to a larger fringe of users, the functionality having the advantage of being silent, unlike voice commands. Useful when you are in public and need to be discreet.

“Camera Switch” will therefore be a flagship novelty of the future Google OS. Interesting detail, XDA specifies however that the functionality will not be exclusive to Android 12, the media having managed to load the APK of Android Accessibility Suite on Android 11.


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