An overview of the gameplay and content of Rainbow Six Extraction in video

Ubisoft has released a new video of Rainbow Six Extraction. In 5 minutes, you’ll know almost everything there is to know about le spin-off PVE de Rainbow Six Siege who traded his military interventions for bacteriological cleaning as we see in video games.

Thus, in addition to explaining the peculiarities of Extraction missions, the video flaunts game content : “18 elite agents, 12 constantly evolving maps, 25 gadgets, 13 enemy archetypes, a unique progression system, a whole new universe, cross-play, free post-launch content and much more!” “

If the missions are shared the same environments, the objectives will vary from a selection of 13, between the capture of a precise target and destruction of nests distributed in the level. With each objective completed, the team can decide to move on to the next area, but with the risk of losing current progression. The video shows that the increasing difficulty do not laugh.

As shown in the first gameplay preview in June, if one or more players are capture by alien threat, it will be necessary to undertake a secondary rescue objective so that you can use it again. This will also allow recover lost progress until now.

As they progress, agents will have access to new gadgets and new special abilities always more useful. Obviously, these levels will be delayed by cosmetic elements and all kinds of fluff. We are awaiting details on this subject, but a ranking system is also planned, which should motivate the most competitive players.

Provided for January 2022 on PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, the post-launch content of Rainbow Six Extraction will initially be free, which includes new agents and events limited in time. In any case, there is no by Season Pass planned for now.


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