An NG+ mode for God of War: Ragnarök (but not until next year)

You are about to offer a PlayStation 5 et God of War: Ragnarök for Christmas, but you don’t know if lifetime of the title will make profitable the least euro spent? You don’t worry, the initial contentsal is already quite long if you aim the platinum trophyplus Santa Monica Studio indicate a New Game Plus mode is indeed planned, but not before spring 2023.

Indeed, such a game mode was not really planned by Santa Monica Studio, but what do you want: when you love, you don’t count. Un mode New Game Plus is more difficult to develop than you might think, and that’s why the studio requires a little time before being able to offer such an extension of the service life Game.

This should interest some hardcore fans. at the court of the Berserkers to kill, but we should not expect much more. PlayStation first-party games are not recognized for receiving DLCs that expand game content, and director Eric Williams has already confirmed that God of War: Ragnarök will be no exception.


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