An agreement between The CW and HBO Max is in the oven

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The CW and HBO Max prepare an agreement to co-finance the Arrowverse series. The Arrowverso series could be co-financed between both platforms, in addition to establishing a joint premiere pattern.

Like it more or like it less, the DC Arrowverse launched by The CW years ago has set a precedent that is now being set for both the DC Extended Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the concept of a Multiverse with several alternate realities.

And their respective iterations of the most famous superheroes. It is not strange that the Arrowverse continues its march adding new series such as Superman & Lois that replace those that are already ending, such as Arrow itself.

Deadline has reported an agreement on the table between The CW and HBO Max in the face of close collaboration for the present and future series of the Arrowverse. This agreement would include, among other things, the co-financing of the new series of The CW, including some outside the Arrowverse.
HBO Max has become the jewel in WarnerMedia’s crown, and the conglomerate is dragging virtually any product that remotely smacks of success into the platform’s catalog. Hence, it’s all in one place. That and having 30 streaming services is impractical.

In addition to this collaboration, a pattern of premieres will be established between HBO Max and The CW. Arrowverse series such as Superman & Lois would premiere first on HBO Max, and a day later, they would do the same on The CW.

This formula will sound like another series like Game of Thrones in Spain, where HBO launched the series in the United States on a Sunday and Movistar broadcast it on Monday (except for the last seasons).

Do you think a collaboration between The CW and HBO Max will boost the Arrowverse?


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