Amazon starts early, 10 nuggets to grab this Tuesday

In France, sales are among the most popular shopping events of the year. Winter sales and summer sales are two must-haves with high level discounts on thousands of references. For this summer edition, the discounts will officially run from Wednesday June 22 at 8 a.m. until July 19 at midnight.

Below, we’ve previewed deals for sales on Amazon, Cdiscount and the like. Keep in mind that they are all very limited by available stocks. At any moment, they can disappear. We will update the list as the hours go by throughout the period.

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As you can see for yourself in the list above, there are already bargains to grab on the main merchant sites and with various service providers (VPN, mobile plans, etc.). Officially, products on sale on Amazon or Cdiscount will be rare: they only concern unpopular references, which meet strict requirements dictated by the State.

Indeed, to maintain healthy competition, merchants are not allowed to sell their stock at a loss during the year. This is not the case during sales where these players can sometimes sell below their purchase price. This is why we can sometimes observe discount percentages even higher than the average of a Black Friday.

Flash sales galore and sales on Amazon

If you find a product on sale on Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac or Boulanger, you know that it is benefiting from an exceptional discount. So you have every interest in jumping on it. Apart from these products on sale, e-merchants also take the opportunity to offer flash sales on more recent and popular products – which are not always eligible for the concept of sales.

To maintain the momentum of the sales period, Amazon and its counterparts do not hesitate to offer discounts on popular products. Thus, we can see on the first days of reductions on popular brands like Apple, Samsung or Bose in high-tech. There are all categories of products that are targeted by the reductions: home, decoration, lifestyle, health, beauty, sport or even culture.

Moreover, as you can see in our list above, there are also services that benefit from discounts. This is for example the case of NordVPN, a very robust VPN which displays a special discount during this sales period. In the same way, you can save money on your mobile plan with the RED Deal from the operator of the same name.

For this episode of sales, Amazon, Cdiscount and Fnac will have to deal with a worldwide stock shortage and delivery difficulties. It will therefore be necessary to be quick on the trigger as soon as an offer arises. In a few minutes, flash sales on the biggest brands can disappear. On the Amazon site you can see a double hourglass with the time until the end of the offer and the available stocks respectively.

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3 unmissable offers

For sales, Amazon and its counterparts post quite disconcerting prices on major brands. There are also a few live brands (like Samsung or Dyson) showing their best face or various service providers. Below, we have chosen three offers that are worth checking out this Tuesday before the sales.

The best deal probably concerns the Bose QC35 II headphones which are displayed at less than 200 euros on Cdiscount. These wireless headphones have been very successful for 5 years. The American brand offers a robust product with an effective active noise reduction system. Released at 379 euros, we find it almost half price. On other merchant sites, they fluctuate between 240 and 280 euros.

If you’re looking to protect yourself online, there’s nothing better than VPN software. The latter allows you to hide your IP address and become completely anonymous on the web. This saves you from re-targeted ads or monitoring from your ISP. If you crave internet freedom, this is the tool to have. In France, 28% of Internet users use it. At the moment, the offer put forward by CyberGhost VPN (see above in the list) is unbeatable.

Unlike physical products promoted by Amazon for sales, software is available unlimited over a given period. That said, you have to respect the subscription period to save money. Promotional periods such as sales or Black Friday are ideal for purchasing this annual subscription software.

Security to buy on the net

Whether on Amazon, Cdiscount or any other merchant site, you always have protection when you buy online in France. Actors are obliged to give you a minimum of 14 days (after delivery) to return your product and obtain a refund. Of course, the product must come back as new. This allows you to convince yourself of the product.

For the sales, as for the rest of the year, Amazon goes that extra mile by offering an even longer period to its customers. By choosing the e-commerce leader in France, you can take advantage of a 30-day withdrawal period. Note that the e-commerce site allows you to get your purchases within 24 hours if you are a Prime customer. The same goes for the Cdiscount loyalty program, for example.

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