Amazon is insolent, it pulverizes its price (-55%) 🔥

Like every year, game consoles are the stars of Christmas. This year, due to PS5 and Xbox Series X out of stock, the French will still favor Nintendo Switch. This Japanese portable console is very popular with the general public, both young and old. Luckily, for Black Friday, Amazon breaks all prices.

The merchant offers this Nintendo Switch console in a pack that drops to 267 euros instead of 337 euros, or more than 20 reduction. In detail, this package includes the portable console, the excellent Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game and a 3-month subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service. It’s a perfect starter kit, especially since this game is one of the most iconic and popular on the console.

You can also receive 120 euros for the purchase of an old console, which is original on Amazon. This allows you to drop the price of the Nintendo Switch console to just 147 euros. This is a real advantage especially if you have an old console lying around somewhere.

I take advantage of the Amazon offer

Update 23/11 : Faced with the enthusiasm for this Nintendo Switch, Cdiscount has decided to respond to Amazon with an even more complete offer. Not only does it offer the console with Mario Kart 8 and access to Nintendo Switch Online (3 months) but in addition it adds two wheels. These accessories are perfect for playing racing games. This pack is sold for only 279 euros, or 12 euros more than the Amazon discount. You have two more frills, but you do not have the recovery.

I take advantage of the Cdiscount offer

Unsurprisingly, in a few minutes, this pack which includes the Nintendo Switch for Black Friday was placed as a “best seller” on the Amazon site. We recognize it as such directly on the product sheet of the console where a small orange banner indicates this status. This means that it is very popular and that you will have to be quick to pick up the console.

Since the giant Amazon launched its Black Friday last Friday, it has been taken by storm on all of its most fashionable products. In particular, there have been breaks in the excellent Bose headphones, the Philips Hue or the MacBook Air. It wouldn’t be surprising if this Nintendo Switch offer met the same fate today.

The Nintendo Switch, an excellent console

In 2020 and 2021, the Nintendo Switch has positioned itself as the best selling console on the market. It must be said that it is placed as a device in addition to a home console such as PlayStation or Xbox. It is reminiscent of the success of the old Game Boy a few years ago. It is a console which is taken in hand – but which can also be moved on a screen.

In detail, the Nintendo Switch for this Black Friday is the one with the controllers (Joy-Con) in red and blue. This is the most popular color for this console. These two controllers can either be placed on either side of the screen (in which case you take it in your hand like a Game Boy) to play individually, or detached from the screen.

If you detach them from the screen, this allows you to play with two people: each their controller that you will hold like PlayStation controllers. They are certainly smaller, but they provide a real craze. This will allow you to place the screen tilted in front of you and play with two people. For more convenience, it is also possible to connect the Nintendo Switch to a screen or a TV to stream the content.

In the end, what is practical is that the Nintendo Switch console can be played anywhere. For example, it’s the perfect console for those who often take public transport. You can play it quietly from anywhere since it is very easy to transport. Its small size and robustness make it the perfect console for roaming around. PlayStation or Xbox do not allow this.

To see the Nintendo Switch pack, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Amazon offer

Amazon is brutal on Black Friday

While new consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be out of stock until at least mid 2022, Amazon is being very generous with the Nintendo Switch. The latter remains extremely popular and it can position itself as one of the best sellers of all Black Friday. But we have to face the facts: the stock is not unlimited.

This means that you really have to rush to buy this Nintendo Switch. It is a product that is very popular and can go away any minute. To offer you maximum flexibility on your order, Amazon is willing to take a real risk: it gives you a trial period that is significantly longer than the rest of the year.

In this case, all purchases that are made since November 1 can be returned until January 31, 2022. This is a way to be able to buy gifts for Christmas right now (including this Nintendo Switch console) and to be able to return it after Christmas. If the recipient didn’t want the console, or if they already had, you could return it to Amazon and get a refund. This is the best promise, no e-merchant does better.

To see the Switch on Black Friday, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Amazon offer


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