Amazing Ariana Grande with Kid Cudi on their hit “Just Look Up”!

On December 24, Don’t Look Up will be released on Netflix. The official track sung by Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi is a future hit!

So it’s official! Singer Ariana Grande will make a comeback on the small screen, in Don’t Look Up. The singer has also signed one of the pieces of the soundtrack, with Kid Cudi. MCE TV tells you more.

Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi, as a couple in Don’t Look Up

On New Year’s Eve, many Internet users will be in front of their screen to watch Don’t Look Up. The event film has chosen December 24 for release on Netflix.

A date that was not chosen at random ! It must therefore be said that with such a casting, the film promises! In this feature film, a comet is about to destroy the earth. Or at least that’s the belief of the main characters, Dr. Kate Dibiasky and Dr. Randall Mindy.

The two doctors, played by Leonardo DiCaprico et Jennifer Lawrence, will therefore alert the media to this problem that threatens the earth. Problem: not many people believe them.

For this film signed Netflix, many stars participated in the project. Like Meryl Streep, Timothée Chalamet, Matthew Perry, Chris Evans, but also Ariana Grande.

In an interview during the Jimmy Fallon Show, the pretty brunette said more about her character. She will lend the features to Riley Bina, a singer in the making.

In the movie, Ariana Grande is So in a relationship with Kid Cudi. The American star said: “I play Riley Bina, a singer who is a bit high up and who doesn’t quite understand what is going on.”

Moreover, if Ariana Grande plays in the film, she also posed her voice. Indeed, if we trust the Screenrant media, the song by the artist and Kid Cudi is a future hit!

Amazing Ariana Grande with Kid Cudi on their hit Just Look Up!
Amazing Ariana Grande with Kid Cudi on their hit Just Look Up!

Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi recorded the song for the movie

La coach de The Voice US has indeed recorded one of the songs of this feature film. More than one after the release of Positions, the popstar will therefore delight her fans, who are impatiently awaiting her return.

According to Screenrand, the song was written by Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi, Nicholas Britell but also Taura Stinson. The first reviews on the song are also positive.

Indeed, Jazz Tangcday, editor-in-chief of Variety, described the song as “A very powerful ballad“. Comments he wrote on Twitter. The sound would therefore be R&B tones with lots of rhythm.

And that’s not all. The journalist also wrote that the song from Don’t Look Up could also be in the running for the Oscars. Just that !

Erik Anderson, great music critic, describes Ariana Grande’s song as “very funny”. Note that the film has already been nominated three times during Hollywood Music Awards for its soundtrack.

So you will understand, the critics around Don’t Look Up, are already very positive. All you have to do is wait until December 24 to find out. And we can not wait!


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