Alternation: the hiring aid will be set at 6,000 euros in 2023!

Companies can be reassured: the State is extending aid for work-study youth positions for the year 2023!

Companies can breathe: the executive’s policy on alternation continues! While the state assigns aid when a firm takes on a young person under 30 to form it, the ministers have just announced the good news. MCETV explains everything!

A win-win choice

Because the state wants to help young people find work. But also help companies train and recruit young talent. Then comes a solution that allows, in addition, to pay part of their studies or rent : learning.

After the covid, unemployment exploded. Young people must therefore find a way out… or at least a way into the world of work. However, work-study allows students to successfully transition from studies to employment.

According to a study carried out by Studyrama, students who have followed a course between business and school are more likely to leave their studies for a job. 21% of them even manage to have an automatic CDI at the time of their graduation.

The media even adds that companies offer a permanent contract in 92% of cases. Work-study programs therefore make it possible to curb youth unemployment. Enough to push the state to continue the aid created after the covid. Because entrepreneurs also win.

Work-study: a helping hand

The system seems to be a win-win indeed. Some organizations pay for part of the training, which allows the student not to pay for his studies. On top of that, he gets a salary that saves him from having to take a side job.

This salary makes it possible to pay part of his rent, or his food. But if so many companies put offers online for alternations, it is because they also gain. In effect, each hiring makes it possible to receive aid of State.

At the beginning of December, the Ministry of Labor is thus bringing good news to all companies that would like to take students under their wing: the aid will continue for 2023. It thus made it possible to receive between 5,000 and 8,000 euros in 2022

It will be 6000 in 2023! ” The government renews its support for work-study programs for 2023, writes the ministry on Twitter. 6000 € hiring aid for recruitment an employee under the age of 30 on an apprenticeship or professionalization contract. »

While criticism has rocketed against certain employers who break contracts at the last moment, this sum should still prevent them from backtracking. On the other hand, it would seem that the aid of 8000€ has disappeared from the grid.

For each work-study student hired, a company will therefore be entitled to €6,000. Enough to encourage the recruitment and training of young people. Knowing that it is a good training, a first step in the world of work, and a way to fill out your CV, all you have to do is go for it!


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