Already number one, Steam continues to break attendance records

Yesterday, Sunday November 28, Steam beat a new record traffic: 27 million players were simultaneously connected to the Valve platform, indicate SteamDB telemetry.

Among all these users, 7.8 million were at stake, and unsurprisingly, almost one active user in 9 was on Counter-Strike: Globale Offensive. It is not up to the record of mars 2020 with its 8.1 million, but the first lockdowns surely helped undecided and neurotic players to face their backlog.

It’s always hard to put words on attendance records from Steam. Certainly, the fall sales that accompany Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States must contribute, but big PC releases have been rare recently. We can all the same note a certain performance of Halo Infinite which made a sensational entry in the charts (especially on the American time zone), and of Cyberpunk 2077 which throne in the tab “World best sales” for a few days.

We can then see the problem more simply: Steam is the leader in the PC video game market, and as any internet-related service that enjoys of a quasi-monopoly, its user base can only grow.


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