All There Is To Know About Apple’s iPhone 12 USB-C Cord 

Whether you have heard it or now, Apple did reveal that iPhone 12 will be including a USB-C lightning cable. But you may not have heard that the tech giant is not offering an adapter to charge the device.

There are so many iPhone 12 customers who are now thinking of where they can get the right adapter to charge the 5G smartphone that they are going to have. 

The company also states that the main reason for the exclusion of an adapter is the environmental decision. It is hard to believe that Apple’s offer is making any sense in providing the USB-C cord to the users but not the adapter.

It means that the company needs its users to replace the adapter that they already have but according to most customers, there is no logic.

Of course, Apple is going to sell the adapter of the device separately. So the move may most likely seem to be a cost-saving measure than any others. 

You can see most Apple users show their frustration from the company’s such illogical offer all over the social media.

Some users are saying that Apple wants to gain huge profits by selling the adapter on its own. While some others are just showing their uncontrollable frustration on their social media handles. 

Most iPhone users are calling out the company for what it may seem like a decision that makes literally no sense at all.

You must know that if you are going to purchase the iPhone 12 smartphone then you will get the USB-C cord to charge your device quickly and efficiently. But you will have to replace the adapter that you are using right now to charge the iPhone that you currently have.


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