All The Places Where The Yiga Clan Hides Out In Tears Of The Kingdom

All The Places Where The Yiga Clan Hides Out In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Yiga Armor is a strange set of clothes. Pieces of this gear make Link more stealthy, but the best thing about it by far is that it lets you look like a Yiga Clan member.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the Yiga Clan is still a threat to Hyrule from their secret hideouts and camps. But alongside a little bit of skill, even the best-hidden places can be found!

But this group of Sheikah ninjas was very different from what we’ve seen before. There’s a lot of Yiga Clan stuff to be dealt with within the Basement of Tears of the Kingdom.

But there are also a number of Yiga Clan secret bases on the surface of Hyrule that you’ll need to break into to get some great new prizes.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, the Yiga Clan comes back. They hide in the dark, waiting to strike when no one is looking. Yiga are hard to deal with, whether they trick you into thinking they are a lost traveler or fly above you in their deadly Zonai creations.

But the benefits for taking over their three hiding places and getting into their main stronghold are huge. Join ourselves as we show you where all three Yiga hideouts are and explain how to break into their fortress.

Akkala Yiga Hideout Location:

Here are the sites of the three main hideouts that you need to get to the last and fourth main hideout, which has some unique prizes.

1st Yiga Base Akkala Ancient Tech Lab:

This place used to be called the Ancient Tech Lab, and Link would go there often in BOTW. Now, the Yiga Clan lives there, and you can find Robbie within Lookout Landing and then Hateno Village.

If you didn’t play BOTW or can’t remember where this is on the map of Hyrule, it’s right in the top right spot. The Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower within the Akkala Highlands is the closest tower.

This base isn’t exactly hidden. As you go up the hill from the nearby East Akkala Stable, you’ll find some monsters and then quickly see signs of a Yiga presence in the area.

Go up to the lab as well as knock on the door to start a fight with two Yiga. Once you beat them, you can go within to free a prisoner and get a part of the Yiga costume you’ll need later.

The King’s Hut, 2nd Yiga Base:

Players of BOTW will know this place as a very important place from the beginning of that game, which means it’s on the Great Plateau. On the left side of the south edge of Hyrule Field, this is the big walled-in hill.

South of the Temple of Time, there is a patchy forest area within the shadow of the adjacent snowy Mount Hylia. On this mass is a hut where the strange old man from the beginning of BOTW lived. In TOTK, the Yiga Clan has taken over.

Same rules if you want to start a fight, knock on the door. Take out the Yiga foot-soldiers, then go inside to get another piece of Yiga armor and set up another escape.

3rd Yiga Base Hideaway On A Hillside:

This third and last Yiga satellite base was harder to find, in part because it’s not in the same place as a big landmark from the last game.

The best way to locate it is to look straight north of Hyrule Castle, towards the Great Hyrule Forest as well as Korok Forest. Water surrounds the forest, and the base is located on the ground to the left of the moat, about a third of the way up the forest.

It’s very close to the text that marks the Aldor Foothills on your map. The Aldor Foothills are just north of Elma Knolls, where a small chasm goes down into the ground. It is also right east of the Kiuyoyou Shrine in Rowan Plains.

The base has been carved into the slope of a hill, and the same figures are always near Yiga bases to show where they are.

Inside this base, things are a little trickier. There are rooms to eliminate and Yiga to battle, but once those are done, you won’t find any outfit pieces and won’t be able to save anyone.

Still, look up. There is a hidden room above the main part of the building. You can climb up here or even start a fire to utilize your paraglider to do one last rescue to obtain the last piece of the Yiga armor outfit.

How To Break Into The Main Yiga Base:

Head to the Yiga Main Base to begin and finish Infiltrating the Yiga Clan when you have all the pieces. There are a number of pirates who sell clothes, food, and blueprints. They are open to trade with.

But the last test is at the conclusion of the main base. Talk to the Yiga Blade-master in the last room to play the most fun “whack-a-Yiga” minigame within Tears of the Kingdom.

After your initial try, you’ll need 100 rupees to play, and we’ll give you more based on how well you do.

  1. 9 Yiga enemies defeated: Thunder Helm
  2. 6 Yiga enemies defeated: Yiga Earth-wake Technique
  3. 3 Yiga enemies defeated: Yiga Paraglider Fabric


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