All The Perks In Star Wars Jedi Survivor And Where To Find Them

All The Perks In Star Wars Jedi Survivor And Where To Find Them:

Within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Perks are a way to improve Cal’s skills in battle. They are passive bonuses that give the Jedi new strengths, and players can find where these fresh bonuses are.

There are limits to how many Perks can be used at once, but players can increase the number of bonuses they may utilize at once. Some Perks are mentioned in the story, but most of them are hidden in different places.

Jedi can call on additional assistance within the form of various Perks, which can help Cal within his goal in a variety of ways.

But you have to find and solve puzzles to get all of them, and maybe even more importantly, you have to get better at equipping the stronger ones.

This guide is for people who want to know how to get all the Perks within Star Wars Jedi Survivor and how to get the most of them.

Jedi: Survivor’s perks represent a few of the only ways to add passive boosts to your play style. This gives you an edge in battle as the difficulty goes up and you fight against tougher enemies. This guide tells you about all the perks within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and where to find them.

How To Get Every Perk:

There are twenty-five different Perks that can be found in the game. They can be found in places that have been visited or through story events. Perks can take up anywhere from one to four slots, depending on how strong they are.

Getting people to combine their favorite items to make Cal’s best build. Only a few of these Perks have nothing to do with fighting, but most of them are best used when players are fighting different enemies.

Perk Location Ability Perk Slots
Unflinching Unlocked by defeating the Golden Skriton enemy on Jedha. Cal can absorb one hit of damage when charging his blaster without being interrupted. Works well with the Blaster Stance in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. 1
Steadfast Purchased from the droid Zee at Pyloon’s Saloon for 5 Datadiscs. Players can take one hit without flinching while sprinting. 1
Flux Purchased from the droid Zee at Pyloon’s Saloon for 5 Datadiscs. Reduces the Max Force players have, but the Force Meter regenerates slowly over some time. 1
Resilience Complete the Chamber of Duality through the main story. Increases the total Block Meter. 1
Elixir Purchased from the droid Zee at Pyloon’s Saloon for 5 Datadiscs. Whenever players use a healing Stim, Cal also restores part of their Super Meter. 2
Centered At the Republic Research Laboratory after players defeat Rayvis on the Shattered Moon in the main story. Players can take one hit without being interrupted while using a Stim. In addition, when using a Stim, enemies in a small area close to Cal are staggered as the player heals. 2
Precision Past a metal wall in the Devastated Settlement, where players discover a Force Essence crystal that contains the Perk. Reduces the parry timing for players during combat but increases the amount of Stamina Damage Cal deals to any enemy. 2
Perplexity Within a Force Essence crystal close to the Grand Oculus Mountain Observatory on Koboh. Players deal more damage to enemies affected by Confusion. 2
Persistence Complete the Chamber of Fortitude, found at the Corroded Silo on Koboh, after players learn the Lift and Slam abilities. Hitting enemies affected by the Slow Force Ability restores a small amount of the player’s health on each strike.
Dexterity Complete the Chamber of Reason, found from a Rumor given by the NPC Toa in Basalt Rift. Any lightsaber throw deals more damage to enemies targeted by the player. 2
Shatter Defeat the Rancor in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, found in the Sodden Grotto on Koboh. Cal’s attacks are more effective at breaking an enemy’s guard than before. 2
Versatility Purchased from the droid Zee at Pyloon’s Saloon for 5 Datadiscs. After players switch lightsaber stances, their attacks deal more damage for a short time. 3
Equilibrium Purchased from the droid Zee at Pyloon’s Saloon for 5 Datadiscs. The player’s lightsaber strikes have boosted damage right after Cal uses a Force Ability. 3
Wisdom Purchased from the droid Zee at Pyloon’s Saloon for 5 Datadiscs. Defeating enemies grants the player more experience than usual. 3
Fortification Along the path toward the Forest Array area from Basalt Rift. When Cal has low health, life regenerates up to a minimum amount. 3
Marksmanship Past a route under a building at the Devastated Settlement, at the end of a path going through the structure. All blaster fire while players are in Blaster Stance deals increased damage. 3
Recuperation Complete the Chamber of Connection, found near the Gorge Crash Site. The amount of Force Meter that automatically regenerates at low levels is raised from the normal quantity. 3
Patience Complete the Chamber of Detachment, found beyond a waterfall in the Fogged Expanse in a place called the Mountain Ascent. Part of the player’s health is restored whenever they use the Slow Force Ability. 3
Ambidexterity Complete the Chamber of Ambidexterity, found on Koboh near the Grand Chamber Meditation Point. Players that shoot an enemy with their blaster deal more damage with lightsaber attacks for a limited time. 3
Fortitude Defeat the Vile Bilemaw enemy in the Fogged Expanse area. More damage is dealt to the player by any attack from enemies, but Cal’s lightsaber damage also increases dramatically. 4
Gambler Given once players solve the puzzles within the Crypt of Uhrma on Jedah and defeat the Sutaban Alpha enemy. Players gain additional experience points during their adventure, but Cal can no longer use Restore when they die. 4
Fellowship Complete the Chamber of Clarity, found near Rambler’s Reach Outpost in the Untamed Downs. Stims no longer refuel until after Cal rests, but BD-1 can carry one additional Stim. 4
Warrior Given to players as part of New Game+. Every basic enemy in the game is replaced with a far stronger version for players to fight, creating more difficult combat situations. 0
Trendsetter Given to players as part of New Game+. Every time players die, their cosmetics will be randomly chosen when they return. 0
Purity Given to players as part of New Game+. Damage dealt by both the player and their enemies are significantly increased. 0

Once players have discovered all of the available Perks within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, they will be able to swap out the ones they are currently utilising in their slots whenever they want Meditation Point. This is a feature that will become more important as new slots are acquired.


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