All The Main Story Acts In Diablo 4 And How Long It Takes To Beat Them

All The Main Story Acts In Diablo 4 And How Long It Takes To Beat Them:

The story in Diablo 4 takes you throughout the Sanctuary. From snow-covered mountains as well as rolling fields to foetid marshes and endless sand dunes, you’ll face dangers and get more benefits everywhere you go.

Still, you may be thinking what else this whole trip has in store for you. Here is a tutorial on how long it requires to beat Diablo 4, along with information on story parts, quests, and characters. In the same way, please remember that this piece has details.

Lilith has gone back to Sanctuary to get what she is owed. In Diablo 4, you will go on a journey to beat Lilith and stop her plans for both Sanctuary as well as Hell. This story takes place 50 years after Diablo 3.

You’ll run into both old and new enemies, as well as the standard cannibals, zombies, skeletons, and Fallen.

Diablo 4 is a huge game where you will run around and fight crowds of demons, monsters, as well as bad people who work for demons.

The main goal is to go through the tunnels and do the same things over and over at higher levels, but you have to finish the main story quest first.

Every Act Of The Main Story:

Diablo games usually follow a strict format made up of five acts. But Diablo 4 is a bit different. It has six parts that you need to finish.

These acts will concentrate on the most important parts of the game’s plot and will send you to different places of the map. These are the important parts of the story you can find in Diablo 4.

  • Prologue: Wandering
  • Act 1: A Cold & Iron Faith
  • Act 2: The Knife Twists Again
  • Act 3: The Making of Monsters
  • Act 4: A Gathering Storm
  • Act 5: Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold
  • Act 6: Dance of the Makers
  • Epilogue: From the Wound Spilled

How Long Does It Take To Beat All Of The Main Story Acts?

If you are interested in opening up a map at the right time for your character’s level, it’s best to follow the main storyline. However, it’s also a good idea to agree to any side tasks you find as you play Diablo 4.

Even though you might over level the primary narrative if you do a lot of side quests and finish dungeons you find, the game does an excellent job of keep the enemy challenges in check, resulting in a fun task for you.

If you only do these story quests, it shouldn’t take you too long to finish the game. For us, it took longer to finish the first acts of Diablo 4, but the last ones didn’t take as long and had to be fought, giving us an opportunity to show off our high-level skills and the great gear we’d unlocked along the way.

The main story should take about 20 hours to finish, but that time could be either shorter or longer based on how hard you play and how much you get sidetracked by the extra stuff. It is additionally beneficial to play Diablo 4 with friends, who may assist you kill story-related monsters.

How Long Will It Take To Finish Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 has multiple levels of difficulty, end-game material such as Helltide events, Nightmare Dungeons, as well as the Tree of Whispers, and the next season, which is expected to take about 80 hours, so completionists will have a lot to do.

Diablo’s new season hasn’t started yet, but if a Nephalem wants to see everything Sanctuary has to offer, it will probably take them about 44 hours to do so.

How Long Does It Took To Finish Diablo 4? says that the main storyline of Diablo 4 took the average player about 18 hours to finish. But that’s only to speed through the main mission. If you finish every side quest and are the sort of Diablo lover who does that, it will take you about 28 hours on average.

  • Prologue: Wandering
    • Dusk on the Mountain
    • Darkness Within
    • A Hero’s Return
    • A Hero’s Reward
    • Prayers for Salvation
    • In Search of Answers
    • Rite of Passage
    • Missing Pieces


  • Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith
    • Ill Tidings
    • Tarnished Luster
    • The Knight and the Magpie
    • Undertaking
    • Below
    • In Her Wake
    • Storming the Gates
    • The Cost of Knowledge
    • Branch 1: Light’s Guidance
      • Kor Valar
      • Pilgrimage
      • Light’s Judgment
      • Light’s Protection
      • Branch 2 and conclusion: Wayward
      • Shroud of the Horadrim
      • Fledgling Scholar
      • Crossing Over
      • Descent
      • Light’s Resolve


  • Act 2: The Knife Twists Again
    • Intro: An Unforeseen Visit
    • Dark Omens
    • Branch 1: Encroaching Shadows
      • Exhuming the Forgotten
      • Harrowed Lament
      • Apex of Misery
    • Branch 2: Feral Nature
      • The Path of Rage
      • Fangs of Corruption
    • Conclusion: Buried Secrets
      • In Ruins
      • Entombed Legacy
      • Shadow Over Cerrigar
      • As the World Burns


  • Act 3: The Making of Monsters
    • Intro: The Spreading Darkness
    • Branch 1: Whittling Sanity
    • Branch 2: Suffering Disquiet
    • A Moment to Collect
    • Brought Low
    • The City of Blood and Dust
    • Small Blessings
    • Whispers From the Past
    • Through the Dark Glass
    • Descent Into Flame
    • Loose Threads
    • Oasis of Memories
    • Flesh From Bone
    • Piercing the Veil


  • Act 4: A Gathering Storm
    • Prying the Eye
    • A Master’s Touch
    • Lost Arts
    • A Meeting of the Minds
    • [Redacted] – Explained in the spoilers section
    • Eye of the Storm


  • Act 5: Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold
    • Intro: The Path Divided
    • Branch 1: Secrets of the Zakarum
      • Entombed Hatred
      • Swamp Hospitality
      • Witch of the Wastes
      • Encumbered Mind
      • The Cage of Grief
    • Branch 2: Tainted Flesh
      • Wrack & Ruin
      • Cold Blood
      • The Serpentine Path
      • Dirge of the Mire
      • The Slow, Beating Heart
      • A Cold and Lifeless Shore
      • Picking Through the Bones
      • Beneath the Wine-Dark Sea
      • Fragments of Mortality
      • Conclusion: On the Precipice
      • Knee-Deep in Filth
      • A Chorus of Voices


  • Act 6: Dance of the Makers
    • Evil Stirs in [Redacted]
    • The Jewel of the East
    • The Scouring of [Redacted]
    • The Walls Shake
    • Turning the Tide
    • Essence of [Redacted]
    • In Desolation’s Wake
    • Light Extinguished
    • The Blind Eye
    • What Lies Ahead
  • Epilogue: From the Wound Spilled
    • Promises
    • A Heavy Burden


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