All Of The Controls For Final Fantasy XV On PlayStation And Xbox

All Of The Controls For Final Fantasy XV On PlayStation And Xbox:

Final Fantasy XV came out on November 29, 2016. It has an open world and a fighting system identical to the Kingdom Hearts games.

It is the 15th major game in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, and it was made available for PS4 as well as Xbox One. This PS4 As Well As Xbox One tools Guide explains how to use the game’s tools on PS4 as well as Xbox One.

In Final Fantasy XV, Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, as well as Prompto go on a car trip through Eos as they try to stay alive in a war-torn world that is on the verge of being destroyed.

The main character, Noctis, will be controlled by players most of the time, and there are a lot of controls to learn in this Final Fantasy game.

compared to the other games within the series, Final Fantasy XV serves as a fast-paced action role-playing game with real-time battle scenes that can be scary if you don’t know how to play.

This guide tells you how to use all of the tools for Final Fantasy XV upon PlayStation and Xbox.

Every Control For Final Fantasy XV:

The settings for the two platforms are pretty similar, but they are different from Final Fantasy XV because of how they are set up on the keyboard.

You’ll want to go through the controls within your controller’s options, and based on the usual choices, you can choose which ones you want to change.

Movement Controls

Movement PlayStation Key Xbox Key
Attack Circle B
Jump/Interact X A
Move Left Stick Left Stick
Roll Square X
Sprint Hold Circle Hold B
Warp Triangle Y


Chocobo Controls

Movement PlayStation Key Xbox Key
Halt Hold L2 Hold LT
Slide L2 LT
Sprint Square X
Trot R2 RT


Other Controls

Movement PlayStation Key Xbox Key
Camera Right Stick Left Stick
Defend/Take Cover Hold Square Hold X
Enemy Lock-on R1 RB
Main Menu Touchpad Start
Map Right Stick Right Stick
Pause Options Select
Select Ally Technique L1 RT
Select Item from Menu R2 LB
Weapons D-pad D-pad


Car Controls

Movement PlayStation Key Xbox Key
Accelerate R2 RT
Car Camera R1 or L1 RB or LB
Point Warp Hold Triangle Hold Y
Reverse or Break L2 LT
Stop X A
U-Turn Square X


How To Change The Controls Within Final Fantasy XV:

You can’t change the style to suit your needs, but you have the option between two options. Even though that doesn’t help much if you need a unique style, at least you have a choice. What you’re supposed to do is listed below.

  1. Visit the menu.
  2. Choose an option
  3. Pick a Controls
  4. Type A as well as Type B?

In a future update, I hope the writers will add a choice to fine-tune the command method. It would only let more people enjoy the game, which we think they would really like. Stay tuned, we’ll change the guide if we learn anything new about that.


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