All Keywords And Status Effects Explained In Diablo 4

All Keywords And Status Effects Explained In Diablo 4:

In Diablo 4, state changes and terms can be found while you explore Sanctuary. A Status Effect is a brief change to a game character’s original set of traits that usually comes into effect when special powers as well as abilities are used, often during battle.

Keywords may be found upon most things within the game, including gear, items, as well as skills. Diablo 4 was a big game, which means it has a lot novel returned conditions and state affects to know.

These state effects and circumstances aren’t ever fully explained, so here’s your guide to assist you remember what these terms are and the way you may employ them to make the best Rogue build within Diablo 4.

There are various strikes and state affects for you to make use of while playing Diablo 4. These all play into each other, based on the type of build you’d like to make for your protagonist.

Certain buzzwords and state effects will matter for particular characters, but knowing how they all work to improve a build is important.

There’s a lot of multiples to go across, so maintaining track of them all may prove difficult. Here’s what you have to know regarding every term and state impact that takes place within Diablo 4.

What Every Keyword As Well As Status Effect Means Within Diablo 4:

Diablo 4 possesses all of the keywords as well as state effects written down in the ability trees for every character. However, jotting down this information may be tough, especially for anyone who enjoys playing on a computer.

Every Keyword:

These state affects usually have to do alongside certain skills or weapons you’re using within Diablo 4. These are all of the buzzwords that you need to be familiar with while playing the video game.

Keywords How They Work
Armor Contribution The inherent percentage that Armor contributes to your base damage reduction against non-Physical attacks.
Barrier Barriers absorb damage from all sources.
Close Enemies within melee range are considered Close.
Crowd Controlled Enemies that are affected by any of the following effects
Distant Enemies outside of melee range are considered Distant.
Knockback Knockbacked enemies are forcefully repositioned
Knockdown Knocked down enemies are unable to act.
Lucky Hit Lucky Hit is a type of “chance on hit” mechanic. Different items, skills, passives, and aspects can come with a chance to do something on “Lucky Hit”. Each skill has its own Lucky Hit modifier, for example Invigorating Strike has a 50% Lucky Hit chance, meaning that your Lucky Hit chance is effectively halved with this attack.
Taunt Taunted enemies are forced to attack the target that taunted them.
Tether Tethered enemies are linked together
Thorns Deals damage to attackers when hit by direct attacks. Excludes attacks that are entirely damage over time. Damage dealt is increased by the Skill Damage increase from your Dexterity.


Every Change In Status:

For certain protagonists, an attacker may have a state affect on an enemy, like making them start bleeding or slow down because they are cold. This is everything you have to know about the state affects in Diablo 4.

Keywords How They Work
Berserk Berserking grants 25% increased damage and 15% increased Movement Speed. This effect lasts for 5 seconds.
Bleed Bleed inflicts physical damage as a percentage of weapon damage over time.
Blood Orbs Blood Orbs heal you for 15% of your Maximum Life when picked up.
Chill Chilled enemies have reduced Movement Speed. Repeatedly Chilling an enemy will Freeze it.
Crackling Energy Crackling Energy periodically damages surrounding enemies when picked up.
Crushing Blow Overpowering deals bonus damage based on the sum of your current Life and Fortified Life.
Daze Dazed enemies cannot attack or use Skills but are still able to move.
Fear Feared enemies will attempt to run away from player characters.
Fortify Fortified characters take 10% reduced damage. You become Fortified when you have more Fortify than current health.
Frozen Frozen enemies cannot move or attack. Enemies can be Frozen by repeatedly Chilling them.
Healthy Healthy characters have more than 80% of their maximum life.
Immobilized Immobilized enemies cannot move but are still able to attack and use Skills.
Immune Immune characters cannot be damaged and all negative effects are removed and prevented.
Injured Injured characters have less than 35% of their maximum life.
Overpower Overpowering deals bonus damage based on the sum of your current life and Fortified life.
Slowed Slowed enemies move at a reduced speed.
Stunned Stunned enemies are unable to act.
Stealth Stealthed characters cannot be directly targeted by enemies. Using an attack or taking damage will instantly remove Stealth.
Unstoppable Unstoppable characters have all Control Impairing Effects removed and prevented.
Vulnerable Vulnerable enemies take 20% increased damage.


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