All 2024 iPhones will have the same super-powerful 3nm chip

While Apple is currently recording its September keynote which should unveil the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch Series 8, a Phonearena info is lifting a corner of the veil that covers the iPhone 15 of 2024. We know that the iPhone 14 will be offered with two different chips. The classic iPhone 14s will feature the same 5nm A15 chip found in the iPhone 13s.

The Pro models, on the other hand, will benefit from a new super-powerful A16 chip engraved in 4 nm. Apple is indeed constrained this year by logistical constraints. We have also seen this type of strategy implemented by competing manufacturers. But according to a Phonearena info, Apple would not intend to continue on this path…

After the iPhone 14, Apple would return to the same chip across the entire range

…For fear that some of his clients will feel disadvantaged. As of the iPhone 15 generation, in 2024, the firm wishes to integrate the same chip in all models. The chip in question will be the first of its kind engraved in 3 nm, the most advanced engraving process at TSMC. It will probably be called A15 Bionic and will carry no less than 15 billion transistors.

Either way, on the iPhone 14 generation, customers are unlikely to see any real differences in performance and image/video processing. Designed in-house, Apple Silicon mobile chips are clearly the most powerful on the market, at least two years ahead of the best Qualcomm Snapragon chips.

Integrating a chip from a previous generation into a more recent model is not in itself shocking, since we have seen many manufacturers do the same in their ranges. It remains to be seen whether Apple customers will appreciate paying more for a smartphone than elsewhere – while having to settle for “last year’s chip”.

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Even if once again, on the user side, there is little chance that it will feel too much in use. In addition to Apple, other founders should offer 3 nm chips by 2024: Qualcomm, Mediatek, AMD… It should nevertheless be noted that the TSMC engraving process is generally the most advanced in the industry. And that the optimizations made in Apple chips are still struggling to be imitated by the competition.


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