Alexa: your children will be able to learn to read with Amazon’s voice assistant

Learning to read is a fundamental step in the education of a child. Parents and teachers obviously have a major role to play in the transmission of this knowledge. But they can now be helped by Amazon Alexa which welcomes a new very educational feature. We explain to you.

Learn to read with Alexa

Voice assistant designed by Amazon, Alexa allows you to perform a multitude of daily tasks but also to keep you informed. You just need to give it instructions with your voice. But to stand out, it is regularly enhanced with new features. In this case, Alexa can now turn into an interpreter by translating your conversations in real time.

Today, another handy feature is emerging. This will allow parents who want to teach their offspring to read, in particular, to have welcome help. Entitled Reading Sidekick, it will allow you to refine your child’s learning. Concretely, the assistant will listen attentively when your child will practice reading a text orally. In particular, he will focus on pronunciation to help him better articulate the words he is struggling to utter.

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Reading: Alexa can support a child in their learning

Suffice it to say “Alexa, lisons” for the learning process to start. Alexa will then ask which book the student wants to work on (700 compatible titles for the moment exclusively in English). Then the wizard will propose three reading levels: “Do you want to read a little, read a lot or take turns? “. In the first case, Alexa will read most of the text, with the child only invited to read briefly. In the second, the young learner will have to read four times more than Alexa. Finally, the session ” in turn “ will divide the reading equally.

For information, the Reading Sidekick works with the majority of devices compatible with Alexa (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot Kids). However, you must subscribe to the Amazon Kids Plus service ($ 3 per month) to benefit from it. The latter also allows you to have access to other educational activities and games for your offspring. Note that a one-year subscription is offered when you purchase an Echo Show Kids device.



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