AirTag’s main competitor bought for $ 205 million by Life360

Long before Apple launched its “Locate” or “Find My” network, and AirTag, the Tile company already offered Bluetooth trackers as well as a similar network allowing users to find their lost objects. Today, it is Apple’s main competitor in this area.

And soon, it should be better equipped to face the Cupertino company, since the company will be bought, for 205 million dollars, by Life360. While Tile’s products and services help users find their belongings, Life360 offers a platform that helps families find their way. “Better know, communicate with and protect the people they care about most. “

Its flagship product is an application that provides communication, security and geolocation sharing functionalities. And today, Life360 has over 33 million monthly active users.

A complete offer that includes the location of people, objects and animals

In essence, the offerings of Tile and Life360 are complementary, knowing that, as reported by The Verge, Life 360 ​​has also acquired the company Jiobit. The latter has developed trackers that allow users to track their pets.

“It’s a great day for Tile, our customers and our employees”, said CJ Prober, CEO of Tile. “This acquisition not only brings together two incredible teams with complementary missions and values, it paves the way for us to build together the best global solutions for peace of mind and security. “

The Tile brand will not disappear and will continue to be led by its CEO, CJ Prober. He will also join the Board of Directors of Life360.

For Chris Hulls, co-founder and CEO of Life360, with the acquisition of Tile, the company is now able to provide a complete solution for “Find the people, animals and things that matter most to families. “

“This acquisition marks a key step in Life360’s realization of its vision to be the world’s leading platform for security and location services. We are delighted to welcome Tile to the Life 360 ​​family ”, he also added.

Remember that like Apple, Samsung also offers object locator beacons in direct competition with Tile products. And there is evidence that Google may be entering this market as well.


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