AirTag: bitter-coated replacement batteries may be ineffective, Apple warns

It is quite possible to replace the battery of your AirTag when it has passed the weapon to the left. Apple is warning users, however, that replacement batteries with a bitter coating may not work.


The AirTags were finally presented last April. These Bluetooth trackers make it easy to find lost objects by going to the Locate application. A real boost for the most dazed users. Over time, however, your AirTag’s battery may run out of power. It is then obviously quite possible to replace it.

To do this, simply press down on the battery cover and turn counterclockwise. Once the cover and the battery are removed, you can then add a new CR2032 button cell battery that can be purchased at most electronics stores. After performing this maneuver, simply put the cover back on and turn it clockwise.

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AirTag: children can (too) easily access the button cell battery

In the replacement guide available on Apple’s website, however, it is stated that CR2032 batteries with a bitter coating may not work with the AirTag. For information, some manufacturers add non-toxic chemicals to their batteries that have a very unpleasant bitter taste. A way to discourage children from ingesting batteries, a very dangerous practice.

Note that this mention appeared on the Apple website after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission published a warning urging parents to keep AirTags out of the reach of their offspring. In question, the fact that the battery is easily accessible and that the children could thus swallow it.

Last May, an Australian brand had also removed AirTags from its shelves for safety reasons. Officeworks had particularly felt that the ease of access to the button cell was a concern, a child could easily get their hands on.



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