AirTag: Apple’s tracker withdrawn from shelves in Australia for security reasons

An Australian brand selling office supplies, Officeworks has removed AirTags from its shelves until further notice. In question, its button battery too easy to remove by a child.

Apple AirTags

After long months of waiting, Apple has finally unveiled its Bluetooth tracker, the famous AirTag. It appears as an ally of choice for the most dazed users. And for good reason, it makes it easy to find a lost object via the Locate application. Unfortunately for the Apple, the first controversy surrounding the AirTags did not take long to point the tip of its nose.

As Gizmodo reports, Australian office supply chain Office Work has taken the tracker off its shelves. Quoting a representative of the sign, a Reddit user explained in particular that this decision was the consequence of a security problem observed on the Apple product. A small twist being sufficient to reveal the interior of the device, This would make it very easy for a child to remove the button cell battery from the AirTag.

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AirTag: the button cell battery is too easily accessible

Once done, he would risk ingesting it. Since 2013, three children have notably lost their lives in Australia after swallowing this type of battery. And according to Product Safety Australia, around 20 children a week would be brought to the emergency room after ingesting a button cell battery. “The product will no longer be stored at Officeworks until the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) provides further advice”, Officeworks confirmed to Gizmodo.

Asked to respond, Apple has remained upright in its boots. “The AirTag has been designed to meet international child safety standards, including those in Australia, with a two-stage push and turn mechanism to access the user-replaceable battery.”. In the coming weeks, it will be necessary to follow carefully this case which risks causing great harm to the Cupertino company. Especially since it has already been rumored internationally.



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