Airbus confirms its ascendancy over Boeing and signs a golden contract

Business is going very well for Airbus. After a delicate period last year in the heart of the pandemic, the European aircraft manufacturer is off again. This materialized again last week at the Dubai Airshow, where the company signed a $ 29 billion deal with Indigo Partners, a U.S. private equity firm.

A full order book for several years

In all, this agreement concerns the sale of 255 A321neo and A321 XLR planes to the companies WizzAir, Frontier, JetSmart and Volaris, reports Capital. The aircraft manufacturer has his work cut out for him since he has already signed for 890 A320s, specify our colleagues.

Logically, Christian Scherer, Airbus Commercial Director, expressed his satisfaction following the signing of this contract: “We are pleased to further extend our relationship with the airlines of our major partners Indigo, Wizz, Frontier, Volaris and JetSmart, who have acted swiftly and decisively in recent months to position themselves for this historic order as the effect of the pandemic wears off and the world wants more sustainable flights ”.

To better manage these orders, Airbus should increase its production rate from 45 A320neo produced each month to 64 by the third quarter of 2023. However, certain uncertainties weigh on the aircraft manufacturer and in particular the possible evolution of the pandemic. Likewise, while many employees have been placed on short-time work, some need training to get off to a better start.

Asked last month by France 3 Occitanie, Maxime Léonard, CGT delegate from Airbus, expressed his regrets: ” After having cut nearly 2,000 jobs in France and a year after the social plan, Airbus is launching a recruitment campaign when we could have done with partial unemployment ».

The trade unionist adds: ” We can pick up the pace, but if we don’t hire it will be difficult. The group will want to hire temporary workers to compensate for the temporary increase in activity, while statutory employees would be needed to honor the 10 years of the order book. ».


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