Ah yes: Battlefield 2042 is postponed for a few weeks

The tweet also promises from this month info on the open beta that was slated to take place sometime in September, but we can also expect a shift in the test phase. The informant Tom Henderson who had foreseen the postponement declared being certain that the open beta (for pre-orders) would launch on September 22, next week. We will see soon enough how things come together.

On another note, we still do not have official information on Hazard Zone (Danger Zone), one of the main game modes in Battlefield 2042. Rumored to be the mode would be free-to-play and largely inspired by Hunt: Showdown Where Escape from Tarkov. The huge maps of Battlefield 2042 planned for accommodate 128 players would be perfect for this kind of game mode. The question is whether Hazard Zone will be available tou launch or at a later date, such as du mode Firestorm (Battle Royale) de Battlefield V.


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