Agent Sledge Rainbow Six Siege Guide: Weapons, Role

Find out how to play Agent Sledge on Rainbow Six Siege. This guide presents the best weapons, accessories and gadgets to optimize the potential of the attacker which perfectly reflects the maxim: easy to use, difficult to master.

Agent Sledge R6 is an extremely versatile attacker, perfectly suited for new players who are not yet sure of their preferred playstyle. However, Sledge is even more effective in the hands of a player with advanced card knowledge.

Health Speed
Sledge Rainbow Six Siege

Sledge is easy to pick up, but mastering it perfectly will take time and effort


How to play Sledge

Role: Entry Fragger and Soft Breacher

Entry Fraggers are the vanguard of the team. They are a force capable of penetrating through the initial line of defense to quickly give the Attackers an advantage. Such a role assignment means that Sledge in Rainbow Six Siege will be the main agent in the hunt for Roamers.

Additionally, Entry Fraggers play a vital role in advancing attackers. They are particularly essential for securing strategic locations such as the rooms surrounding the objective.

Sledge will also be able to fulfill the role of Soft Breacher through his unique ability which will prove decisive in organizing the attack.



Sledge is a very easy character to grasp for new players. However, its role as Soft Breacher makes it dependent on the strategic abilities of the player using it, so don’t underestimate the difference between a good and a great Sledge.

  • Non-vital and mechanically simple utility
  • Frag Grenades Take Practice To Optimize
  • Benefits greatly from knowing the player’s map

What equipment to choose for Sledge

Which main weapon to choose

Sledge has access to two primary weapons, the L85A2 and the M590A1. While the pump-action shotgun remains very classic and ideal for short-range combat, the L85A2 is the default choice for most Sledge players. This is a reliable weapon with a relatively low rate of fire, but good damage per bullet.

L85A2 RB6
Viewfinder Canon Handle under the barrel
x2 Compensator Vertical Handle X

Which secondary weapon to choose

Like many other agents, Sledge only has access to one secondary weapon. Fortunately for him, the P226 is an excellent pistol.

It features high damage per bullet and a high capacity magazine. the Muzzle brake perfectly compensate for vertical recoil between shots. If you prefer a bit of stealth, though, feel free to use a silencer.

P226 MK25
P226 Mk 25 RB6
Viewfinder Canon Handle under the barrel
X muzzle brake X X

Which gadget to choose

Sledge has access to two universal gadgets: the Grenade Flash and the Grenade Frag.
Choosing the right gadget will largely depend on your playstyle, with both options being perfectly viable.

Nevertheless, the Grenade Frag is an extraordinarily effective tool for dealing with defenders in fortified positions. In addition, it allows you to destroy all the gadgets of the surrounding defenders, and that is why we highly recommend it.

Grenades Frag

For most agents, access to Grenades Frag means their use, because they adapt to a very large number of situations.

Single ability

The Tactical Mace is Sledge’s unique ability in Rainbow Six Siege. It has 25 durability points.

Tactical Mace

A good knowledge of the map is an essential skill to use Sledge’s Hammer to its full potential. With his extraordinary breakthrough ability, Sledge can open many entrances to the objective site in order to completely outflank the opposing team.

  • Sledge’s Tactical Mace creates a rectangular hole on the surface it hits
  • It allows you to destroy many gadgets within its reach
  • The tactical sledgehammer has 25 durability points
    • This one will lose one point of durability per hit.
    • If used to kill an enemy, the enemy will die in a single hit and the Mace will lose 2 durability
  • Sledge must stand very close to the surface to destroy it.

The primary use of Sledge’s mace is to open up vertical angles of attack. This is one of the most important aspects in the way of using his ability, since opening many breaches here and there gives his team more offensive options.

Proper use of his Mace and grenades will make you an unpredictable and extremely dangerous agent. Keep in mind, however, that his Breach ability is limited to melee which could put you in an uncomfortable situation by rushing.

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