Age of Empires 4: AI will become unbeatable by learning from your mistakes

Age of Empires 4 will be bottle-fed with artificial intelligence. In doing so, an extreme difficulty mode should be offered to players. Thanks to machine learning, AI will take your mistakes into account to eventually become unbeatable!

Age of Empire 4

It is on October 28 that players will finally have the pleasure of discovering Age of Empires 4. An RTS that will develop in the middle of the Middle Ages where it will be possible to embody eight civilizations like the Mongols, the British, the Chinese or even French. As usual, it will be necessary to build and develop its city while preserving it from the thirst for conquest of the enemy peoples.

But Relic Entertainment also has some notable novelties in store for us. The Canadian development studio is therefore working on an extreme difficulty mode which should be integrated some time after the release of Age of Empires 4. It will work around an artificial intelligence doped with machine learning, as underlined by the creative director Adam Isgreen, quoted by Kotaku. An AI that will therefore be calibrated to learn from your mistakes over the course of the clashes. To the point that it will ultimately become impregnable!

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Age of Empires 4: a devilishly powerful AI to expect

Concretely, the AI ​​will be able to sift through your strategies in order to better guard against them. This promises fierce struggles to those who wish to measure themselves against it. Obviously, this intractable level of difficulty will remain optional. But AI will still be there in the lower levels to create exciting and gripping confrontations, promises Isgreen.

More generally, the strategies and tactics deployed by players in AoE 4 will be regularly injected into the AI ​​after the launch of the title. This will help contribute to the balancing process as new civilizations and factions are integrated.

Remember that the game will be exclusively available on PC. The RTS published by Xbox Game Studios will cost 59.99 euros. Unless you have the Xbox Game Pass PC which will allow you to play it inexpensively on day one. While waiting for its release, you can discover this gameplay sequence where we can admire the licked graphics of the future game.



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