After the galleys, Jeff Bezos is delighted with the success of New World

But maybe forget the essential …

Like Prime Videos, get into the video game was also the billionaire idea who recently made a round trip in space, and Andy Jassy, the former head of the AWS division, insisted on continuing efforts in the field. To give more credit to this achievement, Bezos will then put in opposition the new of the success of New World with a Bloomberg article earlier this year, written by Jason Scheier and Priya Anand.

Indeed, Crucible was unplugged faster than it takes to say “generic Hero Shooter”, the MOBA Breakaway never saw the light of day, The Lord of the Rings MMO did not go further than its pre-production phase and New World he knew a lot of postponements (in addition to the pandemic which did not help), but the former CEO of GAFA probably forgot that the article in question explained precisely that Amazon is doing it extremely badly to try to break into gaming, convinced that swinging $ 500 million per year in its video game division suffices.

The management methods inherited from the parent company would not mix well with the operation of a development studio, the executives chosen to lead video game projects that do not have no experience or knowledge in the field.

Suddenly, we would meet up with all the usual worries that go with it, starting with not listening the real competent people, all chaining decisions perceived as bad internally, like the desire to create an MMO with an outdated, even offensive colonialist point of view (Yes, New World), or force adoption of the Lumberyard engine on all teams d’Amazon Game Studios, not always adapted to meet the needs, which requires a lot of engineering work sometimes complex.

Of course, the article also shed light on the usual concerns of big development studios, namely managerial toxicity and a “bro culture” which allowed the few female employees to know their “worst experience of sexism in the industry”.

Yes we can congratulate Jeff Bezos on this great success.


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