After Dropping Out From The Sydney University Managed An Earning Of $186,000 With Just A Laptop

This story is about a Sydney based teenager, who dropped out of his university, and now is making thousands of dollars from his online business. The start was a bit rough, but he eventually stuck to his goal, and finally succeeded in his overall ambition.

The teenager’s name is Andy Mai, who fortunately started to know about drop shipping when he was just 6 months into his university course. He started to know about the procedure all by watching videos on YouTube. This 19-year-old boy was the son of Vietnamese refugees. He started learning how to make much money, by easily taking orders from customers, and then ordering the products from the manufacturers. He himself doesn’t hold any such stock, but only just gets the product shipped directly to the customers. We can also Start Dropshipping with MyDrop.Shop

When he was just 8 years old, he was drawn to success like no other. This is because he had seen his mother struggle to raise her three children after she was divorced from Mai’s father. In the last couple of years, drop shipping has got more popularity than before. This is all due to websites such as Dropshipping with AliExpress, who makes it possible for customers to buy new products. In the last couple of years, buying products from Chinese manufacturers have become so much popular, due to their low priced, yet high-quality items.

When Mai was just 10 years old, he started playing a game known as ‘Maplestory’. But, instead of playing the game, he was more interested in making money, by buying and selling the in-game goods. He said that he was always obsessed with making money, and from that time onwards, he started to know how to buy low and sell products at a higher rate.

When Mai entered his college, he started dealing in in-game skins. Skins are cosmetic items in games. He used to swap skins, and thus make a profit on those skins which he used to sell at a very higher price. Using methods like these, he slowly started getting the taste of real money, and thereby, moved onto real products on Facebook and eBay.

Mai did make a failure in the initial days and lost about $5000. But, he still kept to his vision, and also started doing an actuarial degree at the college as well. He kept himself a goal and worked towards that goal. The main idea of him as – if he could make around $500 per day from drop shipping, he would just put his studies on hold. And that’s exactly what happened finally. Now, his business earns in $185,000 yearly. That is indeed quite a big sum as always.

In the current days, Mai now selling coaching packages, costing over upwards of $20,000. He also has a YouTube account as well, with almost 6,000 subscribers, to talk about. Mai definitely enjoyed a very successful career in building a business, in order to earn more money, and help his family.


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