after controversy, TikTok removes controversial hashtag

# Anti2010 has been used over 40 million times on TikTok since its inception. If this term does not mean anything to you, you should know that it was used as a pretext to harass sixth-graders who have just made their first return to college.

For a few days, the Chinese platform has been at the heart of a national controversy on this subject and it has decided to take the lead by removing this hash word, as we learn. BFM TV.

A social network “not up to the task” according to Jean-Michel Blanquer

Our colleagues specify that the videos are nevertheless still visible by carrying out a specific search but that the algorithm of the social network will no longer highlight them. TikTok now performs a careful, individual review of every content linked to that hashtag to see whether or not it violates its policies.

Last week, a heated debate reached the political sphere and beyond. In particular, we have seen child protection associations stepping up to the plate as well as some parents of students. The Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer also raised the subject by calling on the management of establishments to be vigilant. In passing, he sent a spade to TikTok by talking about platforms that ” are not up to the task ยป.

It has been several months now that TikTok has come under fire from critics in Europe. We remember in particular that in Italy, a ten-year-old girl died of suffocation while participating in the “headscarf game” on the platform. In the process, the Authority for the protection of personal data transalpine blocked for several weeks the use of the application for children under 13 years.

Aware of the stakes, TikTok decided to show its goodwill by launching a European Security Advisory Committee last March. The goal is to work on moderation policies and practices. It consists of nine members and includes representatives from academia and civil society. With their expertise, the idea is to respond to these many challenges.

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