Ads on the address bar, the very bad idea of ​​Mozilla Firefox?

Unlike other browsers, Mozilla Firefox is not offered by a business or a non-profit organization. And in financial terms, the Mozilla Foundation sometimes has difficulties.

Currently, Mozilla earns money through signed agreements with search engines. But the foundation is also looking for new ways to generate income to finance itself, for example by offering a competitor for VPNs available on the market.

And recently, the foundation also launched a feature that allows it to display advertisements on the search bar of the Firefox browser.

Privacy-friendly pubs

A few days ago, Mozilla released version 93.0 of the Firefox browser. And among the new features of this new version is a feature called Firefox Suggest. In the presentation of Firefox 93.0, it is stated that this is a way to browse the web faster.

“Firefox Suggest is a new feature that serves as a reliable guide to a better web, bringing up relevant information and sites to help you achieve your goals.”, can we read on another page which details how this novelty works.

However, it is also stated that in addition to suggestions from Firefox, the Suggest feature may also bring up suggestions from Mozilla “partners”. In other words, advertisements!

“When contextual suggestions are turned on, Mozilla receives your search queries. When you see or click on a Firefox suggestion result, Mozilla collects and sends your search queries and the result you clicked to our partners through a proxy service owned by Mozilla. The data we share with partners does not include personally identifying information and is only shared when you see or click on a suggestion ”, explains the foundation.

Regarding confidentiality, Mozilla ensures that it is guaranteed, since the foundation only works with trusted partners who meet its standards.

On the other hand, the user is not obliged to see these advertisements. Indeed, it is possible to customize the suggestion parameters in the security and privacy menu of the browser. In it, you can uncheck the option that includes sponsored suggestions. Mozilla nevertheless notes in the settings that these sponsored suggestions help fund the development and optimization of Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox Advertising

We have framed in red the option that must be unchecked to no longer see sponsored suggestions. © Mozillla

In any case, this news reminds us that it is not advertising that is a problem, but the fact that some ads are less respectful of the privacy of Internet users.


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