Adele unveils the divine music video for her new song “Oh My God”!

Adele returns in 2022 with a brand new sublime clip, that of her title “Oh My God”. The singer continues to promote her album “30”.

Adele continues to promote her new album 30. The singer has just revealed the clip of his new song Oh My God. MCE TV details everything from A to Z!

His new album 30 is a hit

Adele returned at the end of 2021 with a new album, after six years of absence. His return to music therefore delighted his fans. Yes, because the latter only had the right to the title Hello during his long absence.

So, for her big comeback, the singer wanted to talk about subjects that are dear to her. Like her divorce from her son’s father, her role as a mother, but also making new romantic encounters. In short, the 30 album brings together everything that Adele has been through for 6 years.

The interpreter ofHello keep trusting more and more. Moreover, she revealed thatshe had made this new album for her son Angelo. Indeed, she wanted to tell him her story, in what atmosphere he grew up, etc.

And as Adele does not do things by halves, she even dedicated a song to her son in which we hear the two of them talking My Little Love. No wonder album 30 is doing so well on the charts.

Moreover, it was certified double platinum. Which is equivalent to 200,000 physical sales. A good score recorded against the important place of music streaming these days.

Yes, despite his long absence, Adele is back in force in the music industry. So much so thatit plunged vinyl production into a shortage by penalizing the market for the release of 30. The singer lives for music and it shows. MCE TV tells you more!

Adele pays tribute to her old music videos in Oh My God

To shoot this new clip, the star wanted to trust Sam Brown. Who is none other than the director of the video of Rolling in the Deep. Besides, in Oh My God, there are some nods to his previous clips.

After unveiling the clip ofEasy On Me, Adele wanted to hit harder by putting herself more and more on stage than in the video directed by Xavier Dolan. Indeed, she confided in a publication on Instagram thatshe wanted to collaborate again with Sam Brown. For the simple and good reason: it’s been 10 years since they toured together Rolling in the Deep.

But that’s not all, the star also confides that she made the music video forOh My God, the day his album 30 was released: “We filmed this clip the day Easy On Me came out. A million things were happening at the same time. It was very fun. » So she reveals that she shot it on November 19, 2021. To accompany it, Adele has also trusted big names in fashion like Louis Vuitton or Vivienne Westwood.

In short, Adele loved shooting this clip and the least we can say is that it shows. The singer beams throughout the video even if the images are black and white. The clip already has more than 9 million views in less than 24 hours.

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